APPRENTICE TO THE WORD (Episode 2) - (2010)

by Rukas

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My 2nd album. Part 2 in my mission to become "Master" of the word.
From SLAVE...APPRENTICE...And I'm this space.
Rukas 2010


released January 2, 2010

All Songs mixed and Mastered by myself (Rukas)

All tracks recorded at @ Endell Street Studio by Matt Catlow

83 Endell Street Covent Garden London, WC2H 9DN

Features from - Matt, Dekay, Phoenix, Lezareno, and Frosty Frost



all rights reserved


Rukas Greater London, UK

My name is Rukas AKA The Grey Walker AKA The Mirror Writer AKA Apprentice To The Word AKA NUFF SAID! I'm a rapper/Lyricist with my own unique style, I Write words and make them do strange things... I get’em to jump up and strip for me… if ya hot I'll collab

"In every starving land there's a fat King
And every laughing man shares a sad grin"
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Track Name: Angels Fly - Rukas ft Matt Prod Kanebeatz - (Mastered)
Angels Fly

Wondering when I die, Painful life
Will somewhere in the sky high, Angels fly
Don’t 4get the angel word singing
After x 2 - They say that the devils greatest tricks in making you believe that he don’t exist
Well this sentence right here should at least be enough to make you think
Imagine how that’ll feel…
Coz as it is I feel like I’m the only pacifist on this battlefield
1570 Ottoman forces captured Cyprus
And killed the Greek and Armenian Christians for keeping baptised and acting righteous
That’s just for appetisers
1850 to sanctify a city Burma were still into human sacrifices
Wrong call to heaven this day in
‘84’ LA Times December 12th quoted Pope John Paul II of saying
"Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins, come to me”
Now I ask you to witness the thing is none believe
Gods honest what stuff I found
A video of the Pope sat on a chair, and the cross on it was upside down
Was sent a dream last night from the council of nine
Their spokesman Tom said we’re running out of time, and look out for the signs
Messages ancient
Concept and Aliens and Angels a contradiction unless it’s the same thing
To L.I.V.E is to be E.V.I.L spell it backwards
The D.E.V.I.L + L.I.V.E.D the same word, now what the H.E.L.L is that shit!?
Man I feel like we men are caged we’re meant to blaze
The cosmos, Gods lost Renegades!

Control and ruin our fate, Illuminate aint human are they?
But you don’t see what they’re doing nah mate
Don’t see the info powerbrokers of the globe
In robes idol worshipping the Bohemian grove
The Pentagons a damn PENTAGRAM and don’t ya know
Your new home? It’s a FEMA camp in Oklahoma
They control the voter own the globe behold the
Companies of MOTOROLA, and corporation COCA-COLA
LUCENT Technologies 666 Fifth Avenue
Software named "INFERNO.” Kid this shit is happening dude!
Its no secret to mention that most of thee influential
Died early for speaking against’em
Like “It’s in our best interest Die!”
Lennon, Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Tupac Michael Jackson Princess Di
Watch out for the rebirth of Israel
Hold up, three words that ship sailed I am God given!
See with the naked eye truth will embarrass Rome
Read ya some David Ike Google some Alex Jones I am not kidding!
What is my destiny?
Coz honestly I don’t know how many more beautiful songs I got left in me

Through Spanish to Sumerian man kinds Leaders
New language Luciferian hand signs heed this
See Satan’s inner vision and its horrible
Freemason symbolism on the dollar bill
Meaning new order of the ages NEW WORLD ORDER appalling!
Each side of Washington Monument is 666 inches
The height? Is 6 thousand and 666 inches
The mall in Washington DC’s finished and so now
The gardens and streets together, form the image, of an Owl
George Washington’s chosen statues in the National Museum
He’s posing as Zeus! That’s how you’ll see him
Freedom of speech is non existent even our preachers are monsters risen
See when our leaders are on this mission
Keeping us weak it’s a long tradition, but we can all beat this dishonest system
We can just leave this demonic prison
They know what type of medicine harms?
Use ya hearts, refuse the mark, say no to cybernetic implants
David Rockefeller said “all we need is the right major crisis
And nations will accept New World Order” recognise this!
A leader will survive a mortal wound and he’ll rise
To bring Mortal doom as Antichrist
So you can scoff all you want at me but don’t let Satan have ya
Tell God ya wanna be taken in the rapture!

“And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast” He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark”
Track Name: Beef In The Streets - ft Dekay - Prod Jsantana and Errol Beats - (Mastered)

Tons of sirens drunks driving no one’s surviving
Once violence becomes a science mums crying
Sobbing their sons lie in a coffin a youngster dying
I aint forgot’em, guns are firing
Police want answers none supplying, London’s silent
Someone’s lying, someone’s hiding or, someone’s trying
You aint travelled enough dabbled in drugs battled in clubs
Been shackled in cuffs so what you babbling bruv?
On nights of passion guys are bashed in lives flash in
Front of eyes, a nice attraction
A hundred and five knife slashing prized assassins
Come alive, and rise to action, run the lights clashing
Please know we hate the cops on the streets nosy neighbours watch
They wanna see the police negotiator shot
What’s the reason for police?
There’s nothing they can do and nothing Mps can achieve
Beef in the streets!


Damn it’s hard to breathe in the streets
And a part of me’s in the streets
Man I’d rather peace in the streets
There’s no love, but so much Beef in the streets!
Please promise me` the life I want I know there’s
No peace on the street’ where I belong and no they
Don’t teach honesty’ no right or wrong but Yo there’s
Beef…on… the… street


I know there’s beef in streets an I aint talking bout Mickey D's
SKUNK MIXED WITH nicotine got me having sicker dreams
Im sick of these fickle streets never get a bit of peace
My little niece got shot by a fiend just for talking grease
I had to back it coz its deep, fuck calling police
I found the skeez responsible before she spoke to me
I broke her knees and left a signed c.d so she know its me
Sadistic poetry until the roads cement me
My soul is empty so know not to offend me
I aint got 10p steal ya money like mps
While little yoots get shot on the block from envy
Its evident, we need some more facilities
Divided gangs are making war like their the fucking military
Undercover sinners be, spilling blood invisibly
And kids don’t wanna be doctors they wanna grow up to be killers see!


The youth……always on the move
What are we to do? …What are we to do? Ooh…
Open up more day centres, play at tennis no more all day benders
To stray offenders boredom is a great menace
Mt mate Kenneth had heart his fake tenners flooded black markets
And now today Ken is a mad artist
Leave your pal and refuse that gallon of booze
My challenge to you’se you gotta try to put that talent to use
Underage drinking bags of Stella
Younger mates thinking that’s the fella, what can I tell ya?
The youth always in a mood on the news
Always on the move always in a feud on the loose
What you wanna do? Confused no clue what I do?
Track Name: Close to You - Rukas ft LezaReno Prod Wizdom Mriminthere an Reno GTK - (Mastered)

“Why do birds suddenly appear…? Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be… Close to you”
Verse 1 -
She sits in her garden my fairy princess
See kids and their laughing like very impressed
Piece’ a, her gown hot dress what finesse
She’s a, Earth bound Goddess clothed in flesh
Love the fact that Heaven made watch her pose at the creek
Two doves on her shoulder one climbs in the air
Flutters back a second later drops a rose at her feet
Ooh just wanna know her sun shines in her air
the town’s beauty damn! And I’m cry’n in despair
it sounds spooky man but sometimes I just stare
From afar hard to breath where my heart on my sleeve
When I catch her eye I just say “pardon and leave”
Palms get sweaty believe I can’t talk
Can’t set steady my feet? They can’t walk
I kneel and fell down, I’m owning up to you
Feeling spellbound and, don’t know what to do!
Lullaby singing she sings of tomorrows…
Butterflies spinning sweet things of the forest
The Hare, the Crow, the Rat, the Mole,
The Bear, the Doe, the Cat, the Vole,
She sings’em to sleep and, softly sighs
These things I can seeing, what sweet eyes
She performed until the sundown…
Sleek of form a silver spun gown
Fairness untold, why’s my heart cry..?
Hair of spun gold, eyes of starlight
Sort ‘a like she was on fire from within
Taught her my sweetest song why? I wanna sing
I read it in a book, and the chorus agrees
The better that you look, the more that you see
Exquisitely, mystically, the one that Angels call
But you mystery is unattainable…
Track Name: Cold As Ice - Rukas ft Phoenix Prod Vtz - (Mastered)


You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
Here she comes man and she aint no fun
Son you better run she's as bad as they come

Lonely dumb guy set to throw the dice…
Only one try better roll it nice
She got, snake eyes Brrr….coldest eye’s…
Pierce through a guy like no disguise…
Right, you know the type that Control ya lives
Yet won’t have the time to make you a bowl of rice
Throwing dishes round the kitchen like a Poltergeist
Other ladies weren’t careful she, stole their guys
Whoop!!! And in her soul there’s a hole that’s twice
The size of a boulder nice no surprise…
Run you over in the street won’t look twice
You up in court guys better know ya rights…
But! Wait! Too late! She falsifies
Evidence Bogus lies Hope? It dies
Won’t survive guys…Behold… the wife!
She’s as…


You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
Here she comes man and she aint no fun
Son you better run she's as bad as they come

…By all accounts I’m a helluva’ guy…
And that’s the truth babe I aint telling a lie…
…By all accounts you’re a delicate type…
Or that’s what you say mate I feel in a tight
Hole Oh! I don’t know man, maybe if I
Didn’t hear you say “Boy would ya make me ya wife?”…
Marry you? I can’t coz I may need a life…
That’s like asking somebody to pay me to die…
I like getting by and getting crazy tonight…
I seen thru ya tricks and know the way that ya fight
Trap me with a baby? Huh! Lady I’d fly…
A whole world of chicks when will they see the light?
I might come a cross as a great eager guy…
But truth is I’m so damn shady goodbye
Oh and I promise girl that you won’t gone take me alive
She’s as…


You're as cold as ice
You're willing to sacrifice our love
Here she comes man and she aint no fun
Son you better run she's as bad as they come
Track Name: Dysphoria - Rukas - (Chogaia Understands) - Prod Vtz - (Mastered)
Where will I call my home?
it hurts more to smile in front of everyone, then to cry all alone
I'm Tired Of Trying, Sick Of Crying,
I Know I've Been Smiling, But Inside I'm Dying
You Say I'm Always Happy, And That I'm Good At What I Do,
But What You'll Never Realize Is, I'm A Good Actress Too.
Death Is God's Way Of Saying You're Fired but shit
Suicide Is my Way Of Saying I Can't Be Fired I quit
Hurting So Much Inside And Yes
It's Eating Me alive One Day There Won't Be Any Of Me Left
I Don't Know If I'm Getting Better Used To The Pain
Will It Never Let Up? Don’t know who’s to blame
I Hate What I Have Become To Escape What I Hate Being
Sleep In The Day, To The Late Evening
Stuck In A Rut And Bugging, Loving Drug In-Duced Fucking
But Not Like Cutting, Nothing Is Like Cutting
First Time I Cut Was Kind A Strange
Coz I Didn’t Feel No Pain I Felt The Same Nutin Had Changed
I Take The Blade And Run It Gently Down My Skin
It Cuts Deeper In, Lemme Drown My Sin
The Blood Wells Out And Slowly Runs Down My Arm
Then It Stops And The Pain Goes Away And Then I’m Calm
How You Hurt Yourself On The Outside All To Try
To Kill The Thing In The Inside.
When I'm Hurting Inside No One On My Side,
And When I’m Knowing I Could Die? That’s When I’m Knowing I’m Alive
A Little 5 Year Old Asks "Mommy, Why Do You Have All Those Pink Scars
On Your Arm?" Think Fast
I Used To Have Many Faults, Now I’ve Only Two
Everything I Say, And Everything I Do
I Drank Too Much Hurt Everyone I Ever Touched
Never Loved So If I Die Who Would Give A Fuck!?
I'm Angry At My Father... Where’s He At? Leave Him There?
It’s Me Against This World And He Don't Even Care
To Scroll Through All The Numbers In Your Phone,
And Realize That There Is No One Who Will Understand I’m Alone
Sit Down, Close Your Eyes And Invent Your Own Little World?
When You Were Little You Did, With Eyes Open Little Girl
I'm Often Silent When I Am Screaming Inside
“I'm Okay”... Isn't That What I'm Supposed To Say? Right…
How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away?
Wake Up More Afraid To Live No Escape
Track Name: Todo Tiene Un Final - Prod Cirebeats - (Mastered)
The Jehovah’s Witness religion took a gamble
End of the world 1914 Prediction based on the Book of Daniel
It gets stupider yet, The Jupiter Effect
A nine planet alignment…flop and who could forget
Ole’ Nostradamus, over the years he glimpsed
He wasn’t harmless he opened his ears to demons
And Edgar Cayce readings in the evenings Sleep brings
Meanings of convenience; there were more than three kings
Prophecies of thee prince of peace see when he brings
A grievance to fake prophets claiming they can see things
Aspects of fiction many words to remember
Aztecs religion 21st of December
According to The Mayan calendar we’re through
Or that in the year 2012 appear a new planet, Nibiru!
And from the blast angels appear to men
"The last days are here...again.”

The petty vandal Learns Blaw! the penalty’s Heavy gamble turns sour then you’ll see
Every candle burns out eventually
Economic collapse Supersonic attacks foiled
That’s spoiled the plan, and they wanted Iraq’s oil
the toils of man, 21st century and plus
Our own worst enemy is us!
No reaching the throne of the lord preaching they own accord
So alone they walk, needing atonement for war
Reading the poem I talk of an Eden that don’t fall
Wrote a book and called it teaching a Stone to Talk
they’ve blown up the sky my girl
Buildings were last to fall, gravestones for an entire world
Facing our dragons
Aluminium foil round our cabins//
To keep Illuminate signals out cant get power back since
scientists know nanites will destroy us they just can't resist seeing how it happens!

Disaster falls a lullaby
When the caterpillar calls the end of the world? The master calls a butterfly
Due to lack of experienced trumpeters
The end of the world has been postponed a hundred years
Look at us, about to learn
"Remember Man that you are dust… and unto dust you shall return."
No point Mirror image
Gold coins slipping through your spirit fingers
Your spirit lingers, coz you don’t wanna end from reality
Man, When facing his own impending mortality
“What if nobody showed up at Armageddon?”
Am I die hard believer man why can’t I get in?
Open the gates for me, remember that time I prayed?
Well, I wanted something then, but still I’m afraid
As I’m bending both knees that’s impending
Doom please! But everything has an ending! Peace
Track Name: Hazy - Prod Snowbloodbeats - (Mastered)

What if I fall… and hurt myself
Would you know how to fix me?
What if I went… and lost myself
Would you know where to find me?
If I forgot… who I am
Would you please… remind me?
'Ohh…Cause without you things go hazy!

I’ve always been that way; I’m in a bad way
When your not here, come back babe
When I got beer? I’m mad hey!
Always end Saturday in a sad state
Kicked out of one pub and out another
Dumb luck young but, now a fuck up
Nutin’ but boisterous, hearing fucked up voices
In my head, in the pub toilets
And then I’m screaming that I’m blind
And when I promise I won’t drink no Whiskey babe I really mean it at the time
But something happens past the seventh lager
A never ending saga weekends reminiscent of my father
Blame the Scottish genes what is the meaning?
Officer leaning over me alcohol is my demon
Apologies this evening it aint on
Wake up in the morning; don’t know where these bruises came from!

Knock back a Jack bloaw! Deadly
Blacked out but I’m back now, and ready
Yawning and ruined oh man
3 o’clock in the morning and, I aint got a clue where I am
But I know you give a damn you’re my bird
When you call me I’m like errrrr…ERR!
Throwing up on the night bus…
On my own but shouting “no one fucking wanna fight us!”
But I aint going far, ahh!
Right bus wrong direction, Nah!
Now remember the time
Fell asleep woke up, and now I’m at the end of the line
No luck and no friend I can find heaven no!
Alone in the dead zone never getting home
Frightened in the night quite alone
I need to know I got a friend one that can shine a guiding light and guide me home

Last night must’a arse-whooped me
Coz I felt like I lost myself, can’t remember where I last put me
“Jonny you never gonna change
You know I love you but you got the drink forever on ya brain”
Alright babe calm down, looks like Jay can’t drown
Sorrows I may, but can’t now
Coz I’m bound to a promise and I can’t
Get around it man get it together now I can
The late nights? Just a passing hobby
I’m a man of my word you better ask somebody
Getting older turning cynical
Approaching middle years, fierce yep and broke I’m earning minimal
Heavens soldier learning in the school of thought
Not sure have I lost more time? Gods law
No excuses girl
But when you find lost people there’s a chance you could lose yourself!
Track Name: He Wont Take me - Rukas ft Frosty Frost & Phoenix - Prod Vtz - (Mastered)

AHH..! AHH..! AHH..! AHH..!

DON’T..! BREAK..! FREE..! (High and low)
WON’T..! TAKE..! ME..! (High and low)
[He..! Won’t..! Take..! Me..]

And old Spanish Proverb…
“Where God has his church the Devil will have his chapel”
Till he’s banished off earth
“Boy, you knock on the devil's door and he’s gonna be slamming your
Head through the wall so it’s better to call on him, not at all”
Insane attempts to break me; I get a strange sense of maybe
Losing myself, tense to shaky
When blues that I felt sends me crazy…
When I was stupid as hell friends forgave me
Will my Music sell? My pencil save me?
When Lucifer rebelled against his slavery
Preferred to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven a third of all
The angels heard the call and down to Earth they fall…ravishing burns
Thru the dirt they crawl, with maggots and worms
Thief and a rebel no honour I’m taking it back
I’m in league with the devil no longer I’m breaking the pact
And the people together don’t wanna be raving and mad
Seeing their freedom and they want it bad,
BUT HE..! WON’T..! TAKE..! ME..!
Track Name: Hollywood, Gone Not Forgotten - ft Dekay - [RIP TASHA] Prod Dan UKRAPBEATS - (Mastered)
Hollywood Is Gone

Tash hate the taxpayer but don’t break my ashtray
Relax mate I’ll give you some cash later Saturday Tash wake up!
But she don’t coz she’s gone, this is only a song
Ya friend Rukas you know me as John
Ya guardian angel said he got you the homie was wrong
I ask him why? Why won’t he respond? Where is this loneliness from?
Harmonious on the microphone we were strong
We had the most sanctimonious songs
We would drink we had laughs remember me and Martin
And that pink leotards? Jerry started we were last
Sabotage Facebook with the pictures how mad was ah?
Mates took the piss but I had to laugh Tash that was harsh
Ha Ha Ha… good natured though
Couldn’t hate ya Yo! More time? You could a made it blow!
How nervous you were at ya first gig
Didn’t make the last one but I hear ya were sick
Glad I let ya spit that verse on my shit
Make believe from the first was a hit
Blatantly we the persons that did it!
We killed that track, that Darth Vader line I just loved it mate
Janice Alex Cristina round mine just the other day
Reminiscing yeah we laughed and cried Pete played us some hits
Half the night Dekay was in bits
Heaven is what we make of it trust upon it
If that’s official maybe your
Back in Bristol eighty four
Where the Drugs are stronger
Angel dust upon ya blonde with ambition to us Madonna
The glamour sluts a bomber
Christina’s crying these hugs are from her
And Jerry’s here no one loves ya stronger
Plus I wanna say that knowing you was such an honour
This is just a song but trust we’re gonna
All meet again, that mansion in the sky where thugs’ve gone to
My god we took this song to let’em know
Although Hollywood is gone we aint letting go, no!
Track Name: Like Magick - Rukas Ft Phoenix - Prod Newazrael - (Mastered)

Earth sings of vengeance in physical form
I crawl from her womb as her Will manifest
Merlin’s apprentice grim mystical born
I call on ya doom catch a Chill and a hex
Before Prophets tell Christ’s return call the saints
I thought of myself I discerned hall of shames
The four comets fell ice just turned ball to flames
I taught Thoth his spells Isis learnt all my names

One of the people was Aleister Crowley
Wonderer he built this Palace about me
The Abbey of Thelema cursed thee bloody! The archive!
Happily with Leah Hirsig he studied my dark side
A rebel on the eighth day sins harnessed and learnt
The devil from the gateway wings tarnished and burnt
Master of trickery Magick chasing ya spirit
Bastard of mimicry Catch his face in the mirror!

Avalon dies rewind read me a spell
Babylon 539 BC as well
Went to the threshold of mania Terror!
End of the Mesopotamian era
Sacred demon lit fire rains pouring great honour
Achaemenid Empire came saw and they conquered
Help’em! You the lost soul’s thoughts fleeing heart strings are plucked
Welcome to the Cross roads Faustian bargains are struck

Oh tend to thy tears heavy hearts trusty souls
Old men with white beards ready staff’s dusty scrolls
When a verse can change worlds listen that’ll be done
Then my words contains pearls wisdom magically won
Ponder each word lost has now become found
Long did we search watchers out to sundown
Third eye activates power dealt its spawned God’s
Bird fly back to base now the spell has worn off!
Track Name: Lord Of Life - Rukas ft Frosty Frost & Phoenix - Prod Vtz - (Mastered)

Please arrive the Seeker of Peace and to Ward off the night
[Please just Seek the Peace and Ward off night]
Jesus Christ the Keeper of keys and the Lord of my life
[Jesus Keep the Keys the Lord of life]

Guilty deeds I have done, who will forgive me?
Filthy Thief liar! Drunk! who will have pity?
Who will admit me into that Beautiful City?
In the sky, if I die youthful at fifty…five
Will there be time to make up for the wrongs? Terribly blind
A couple’ a songs everything’ll be fine! Right!
It’s gone take more than that for my sins to be wiped away…
This song aint brought’em back all the things that we hide way
Seedy life and a sinning hobby
Demons in the form of drugs? I freely invited in to my body, ungodly
Evidence of their passing still there
See bare track marks on skin? Yeah, didn’t care
Too binded the proof? Couldn’t find it…
Ooh! rewind it too much truth reminded me of you I blinded
Myself with remorse and guilt towards the hill you marched
With the cross you were forced to build Repent? Lord of Course I will!
Track Name: Luckiest Man Alive (4 Chogaia) - Prod Dylan Saibic - (Mastered)

How does a guy go from never been in love
To meeting the one girl that fits him even better than a glove
Cristina the angel was sent to me from heaven and above
…Skin whiter than the feather of a dove
I met her in a pub, remember sound, don’t worry I know
Kentish Town, the Torriano
I was spitting FAM, you know, gigging? Damn
Dick in hand microphone different hand, nah kidding man
Aint ya stereotypical rapper scary old syllable packer
Yeah me go lyrical had to kill a rapper!
I first saw you it was like, Wow!
I want that girl and I want her right, Now!
I mean how could it be? I thought that you were out of my league
But now you’re with me, true love? Now I believe
My future wife shot me in the heart quite softly
Nice body couldn’t keep ya eyes off me I said quite softly…

Yeah I been asked to battle but I’m a bastard fraggle
In disasters shadow and I can’t be arsed to travel
I mentally attack a prodigy master rap’ll
Eventually have to acknowledge me charts I straddle
Dark arts are dabbled my hearts a chapel
I blast a carol voice starts to crackle
Hard parts I babble Ma pass the paddle
Now up shits creak like Eve when she Grasp the apple
Prison guards I’ve tackled prison bars I’ve grappled
Camouflaged apparel classed a Jackal
Fast ejaculating bitches I don’t Laugh I cackle
I don’t give a fuck who you are skedaddle
I don’t charge the cavalry or march with cattle
But sharp as an arrow bars ours are natural
Spilt personality ten Lagers that’ll
Straighten me out ahh crap I’ll need a Larger barrel

Heavy metal chick now you wont rock to them, I’m like ‘No, not again’
Look at her now, at every single Don’t Flop event
Her and Dekay, Babe don’t stand in front’ a
Eurgh and behave, hey! You just stole the camera Momma!
As for battling they say the worst insults so ya laugh
Oh so bizarre show starts Jokes over bars
I could say something fine deep and quite focused like mediums
I’d be wasting my time beaten by joker’s comedians
Coz it’s a Jealous industry I think I hate it why get back in?
Lots ‘a fellas in the street Intimidated by my rapping
Actually too scared to rap with me jump on a track with me?
Wont collab with me won’t even chat to me that’s sad to see I had to leave
Sulky little fools… My multi-syllables are bulky miracles
Sounds clearer than fucking Dolby digitals
Painful rapping’s so dangerous I learn to tame all the dragons though aint enough
Burn angels to fragments and smoke the angel dust
Track Name: No Place To Go - Rukas Ft Matt - Prod Koke K - (Mastered)

Intro sing high hook x 4 bars then come in after x4 bars with low hook
All in all rap after x 12 bars
No face [I can] to show…
No place [I can] to go…
Cold days [And I] I know…
No place [I can] to go…

Desolate and I’m lonely, desperate I’m at home
Guess I’m cooking for only one, yes well look I’m a phony
Who will phone me? Hmm well none no one knows me and I’m miserable
…Going ghostly and invisible,
Leaving no ripples loud I tap on the glass even cold trickles
Down ya back when I pass trapped in the past and I’m reading old riddles
It was bound to happen at last what a state to end up in
Fading away to nothing “Somebody say something!”
Far ends of the earth a Entity’s lain try to spot
Dark menace that lurks I mentally strain I must not
Can’t censor my verse a pen that bleeds pain like it’s hot
Mah friends are my words the Enemy’s name ‘Writers Block’

No face [I can] to show…
No place [I can] to go…
Cold days [And I] I know…
No place [I can] to go…

There since the last old battle, the presence that casts no shadow
Let go of my essence and ‘Mah’ soul travelled
The Heavens so soon Limbo expansion house with no rooms
They call it the windowless mansion, Old tunes
Blaring now messing up gramophones
They don’t allow no flesh in the Land of bones wow yes I’m in…Man of stones
Finely polished identity ya call me hope but
When you finally acknowledge me then it’ll all be over!
They keep stressing me bastard I felt alone Need Lady destiny ask her to telephone me
Make me best Mc Master of ceremony
Look how much I give of myself Power corrupts vicious as well,
and this how much I give of myself? well how in the fuck am I gonna live with this girl?!

Afternoon I’m at home I could start a tune but I wont
It’s hard if you don’t… know the art of a beautiful poem
A drafty room I’m alone and destined to be forever
Need to get up keep it together question the secret letter
In my quest to be unequalled not going out and not meeting people
No one around now where’d you be if I need ya?
An honest man walk with me and I’ll lead ya
maybe not to the promised land you can leave when you need to
I been feeling so low, I don’t know how I’m gonna go no
Show No dough no fame no photo oh no yo my name they won’t know
But I don’t wanna be no showboat staying solo Saying no to the logo
Taking the gold but I don’t, I’m saving my soul even though I got Nowhere to go though