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by Rukas

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FUTURESCAPE - PART 0 - ILLŪMINĀTUS - RUKAS ft K CHAMBERS & TRIPPIE HIPPIE VERSE 1 – RUKAS x 24 bars …SAID JOHANN ADAM WEISHAUPT A GERMAN PHILOSOPHER AND FOUNDER OF THE ORDER OF TWELVE WITH ORIGINS IN BAVARIA NO MAN HAVING DAYS OFF JUST BURN AND KILL LOT’S OF YA I’M NOW THE GOD OF SLAUGHTER AND HELL'S A-FOLLOWING SINCE A BABY I HAD A VISION PROPHESISED CAPITALISM GOTTA RISE MAD RELIGION MODERNISED GOTTA REACH THE GOD INSIDE “THEE ENLIGHTENED ONES?” HMM YEAH BUT THEY HIDE AWAY NOW HOW IN THE FUCK DOES THAT WORK WHEN THEY SCARED OF THE LIGHT OF DAY? DAMN COCKROACHES JUST SCUTTLING UNDER ROCKS MAN-GOD NO! IT’S JUST TROUBLING THOUGH TO WATCH THEM MASS DEBATING MASQUERADING SATURDAYS AND AS A PAGAN BELIEF SYSTEM THAT’S TO SATAN PACIFISTS ARE SHAKEN WEEKS MISSING STASHED AWAY IN SECRET PRISONS ACTIVISTS ARE TAKEN THE BEAST’S RISEN TO ADULATION HE ISN’T GLAD JUST RAGING YO ALL THAT ARE BLIND SHIT IT’S CLEAR YA WORK FOR SATAN BUT… GLOBAL PARADIGM SHIFT IS HERE THE EARTH IS WAKING UP… …MAN I HOPE FUCKING CLOWNS KILL YASELF HOUNDS FILL UP HELLS CELLS FOR THE COUNCIL OF TWELVE WELL! DEEPER GLIMPSES LOOK ON THOSE THAT STYLED THEMSELVES THE SECRET PRINCES SEE NOW WHERE THEY DWELL… HELL! TILL SOON THE DAY THAT COMES SEE THE COURT OF DEMENTIA A FIT OF RAGE YOU PLAN TO FEED ON THE WAY THAT WE OFFER OUR BONDS “ILLUMINATED ONES” WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR MILLENNIA TO LIBERATE HUMANITY FROM THE SLAVERY OF THE ARCHONS! VERSE 2 - TRIPPIE HIPPIE x 16 bars That’s why our world leaders cover sutured underbellies They’re yellowed with pearled featured from dude that runs the telly Brain washing mind control the tactics of the fascist A vein watching hyperbole the facts are what the past is Technology has this place hypnotized Stressed oddities see a whole race synthesized They’re hoarding all your water And they’re poisoning the food Taking shot through your armour then they poise and say the flu That’s the noise replayed to you It’s your choice to play the fool Take the marks of your religion till you see your fate is true Do you accept the naked truth or do you test your faith as clues Muslims, Jews and Christianity insanity But the atheists are vacant too See there are a blatant few That see the poctogon of prongs Can you see it facing you? Mind is an atomic bomb but pawns are fucking staking you Spawn strong calm while you’re stuck up in your faking news VERSE 3 - K CHAMBERS x 16 bars Please wake up and understand, This goes deeper than the underground, Evil has another hundred sumfin plans, To leave us all bugging wondering how, Headless chickens running around, Like time is running out, Christ is coming now, I’ve researched I've began to see, I've stopped sleeping, Not dreaming, I'm not weak, there's no end no full stop or apostrophe, We got to seek the knowledge of our mystery/ that's my story not his story, I saw it, don't imprison me, anomaly in vision me, I shine bright when lights are going out, I know the light not frightened when the night is coming now, Illuminati can't harm me I'm righteous and I'm proud, Strike the enlightened with lighting that's right you're going down, Check the prophecy, one world religion, the mark of the beast, Signs are coming to fruition and you're starting to see, My only hope is that more people start to believe, I wear my heart on sleeve, to rip apart the deceit! VERSE 4 - RUKAS, TRIPPIE HIPPIE & K CHAMBERS x 16 bars TRIPPIE HIPPIE - Aviation baking us in barium snow storms It’s no harm but tell me why spray for radiation? K CHAMBERS - Tryna to block out the light, a sunny day 2 cloudy sky, I should set sail, But how can I? I'll check the weather for the next day, RUKAS - PROOF IS IN CHEM-TRAILS? YOU KIDS INVENT TALES CONSPIRACY’S A HOUSE MADE WITH LOOSE TIMBERS AND BENT NAILS TRIPPIE HIPPIE - The work of idle hands seems to be just what your business is Endure a fire brand and infect is with ya illnesses K CHAMBERS - Conspiracy I know they sick of me, ridiculously they pitty me, They’re against God, on a killing spree they move so viscously, RUKAS - …AGAINST GOD? WHAT! YOU KIDDING ME? STUPIDITY ONE CAN’T BE AGAINST GOD IF ONE IS GOD…LITERALLY! TRIPPIE HIPPIE - See? Now you flipped the script and you tried to double talk me? Attempts the split the lip but your rebuttals crossed weak K CHAMBERS - So now you admit the truth, everyone can see the bitch in you, Please tell me this isn't true, who you selling all these missiles too? RUKAS - “PROFESSOR CLEAN YA HANDS” MISTER SAKI YA GOTTA BRING’EM WAR! AND YES THE FEMA CAMPS ARE EXACTLY FOR WHAT YOU THINK THEY’RE FOR
FUTURESCAPE – (Part 1) “ENTER THE TOTALITARIANS!” …We joke on how we gotta pay for the air… But pretty SOON will come day that we’re there, stay prepared! When the REVolutionary says he fights for freedom you All better RUN for he fights freedom just to tell you what to do The interNET it has evolved and now its subject To cencorSHIP a mass control tool they call the Gov-Net And very LITTLE’s on it without government’s approval Nothing brings up TRUTHful info you can’t go uncover things on Google But in… tiny pockets of cyberspace the truths alive it hiberNATES Survived the raids Virus plagues birthed in private states FUSion drives cut Mars travel time from years to months First ship it CLEARS the suns orbit goes forward it but here’s the crunch Those aBOARD it by fiercest hunger are tortured who would ‘a thought it? The supply SHIP’S aborted due to cuts the earth Committee can’t afford it! Last MESSage? “Sorry guy’s we gotta prioritise” Translation – “The coffin dies now kindly fuck off and die!”… But THIS’ll cheer you up don’t be dismal it’s all official! A.I is born first human mind downloaded to crystal! “”WORLD HEALTH…BUT NOT FOR YOU” The nhS is outdated and washed up so It’s now been amalgamated COZ of overcrowding across the globe To World Health it’s still FREE but cost’s ya soul “piracy!” What’s the JOKE? Ya level of care depends on ya use to society And SINCE Bureaucrats run it and in their opinion they are of course Much more useful than you their treatments are better than yours! AS the mothers son delivering devils of pure prophesy NASA suffers under stifling levels of Bureaucracy Russia HAS the oil fields and gas reserves America can’t afFORD to deploy seal’s China has the massive purse… YEAH…It took years but now we’ve computers They’re the SIZE of ear studs, the future lies here bruv!... And WE can make’em smaller but guess it’s pointless as there’s this limiTAtion to how small to make the button the finger presses The Mars LANDing brought news to a standstill Till overshadowed by the LATest “Judge Buggers Rent Boy” scandal! Haha! “THE ROBOTS ARE TO BLAME!!!” MASSive processing power and memory was outpaced By eXOTic technology, next century now upgrades Were inVENTed by man to utilize it efficiently Yet more TIME before intelligent systems could be sufficiently AsSIGNED this advance had its own mini-revolutions In PERSonal entertainment and information solutions… ALAS it also birthed mini-revolutions in the military As FUTuristic troops enforced the government’s ability To SPY on citizens “if they’re vocal we’ll bury’em!” PolitiCAL elites became then more totalitarian yeah Now FOLlowing the socialists dream into nightmare? The eLITE’S took control of society right there Next to CATCh up was the robots displacing human components… In ALL walks of life just replacing you in them moments In the END those not included in massive bureaucracies Well? They became client citizens obviously!... And MOSTly on the dole as, zero-assetted folk Was tech itSELF to blame? Should they have Luddite-fashioned smashed it? NO! See TechNOLogy’s a tool; in the hands of the willing fool And the blame ALso rests squarely on the man that’s wielding that tool!
FUTURESCAPE - PART 2 - THE COMMITTEE HOOK WHERE DID IT GO? MY SOUL ONE MINUTE HERE THEN GONE…OH! WHEN DID IT GO SO WRONG? BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO KNO-OH! 1 If you forcibly dePRIVE him of that airy concept called freedom man He will reSENT you then he’ll fight you to regain it if he can Its best as GOVernment’s across the world discovered long ago To have him AIDing in the process you can make him want it YO! And then beFORE he realises his mistake the chains unbreakable Then see how POORly he devises his escape it aint debateable… MAKE the process slow enough to sit below perception Man will GROW accustomed to enslavement he will crave direction For then HE may not realise that he is wearing chains at all Slowly dePRIVE him of his rights then you can go and claim it all And by the TIME the unwashed masses try to protest? They’ve passed a law that says you can’t speak against’em Oh yes! Thus the ComMITTee came to power but how’d it get the people willingly ForGOing all control? Quite simple really evil brilliantly ReUSED a formal time proven way from back in the day… To ConTROL the movement? First ya, make the people afraid! HOOK WHERE DID IT GO? MY SOUL ONE MINUTE HERE THEN GONE…OH! WHEN DID IT GO SO WRONG? BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO KNO-OH! 2 THE greater the power and thee extent of the state? Then the more ROOM there is for old mister corruption then to stay Once the comMITtee tightened up its grip on a recycled earth It distriBUTed wealth on basis of its own survival first Zero-ASset citizens got just enough to keep’em fed Clothed and HOUSed then prices rose so they were smothered deep in debt While ‘soCIetal assets’ they got considerably more CalcuLATed by their standing on that rich committee floor But the comMITtee itself sucked up wealth thru building infrastructure need To KEEP its upper execs flush the upper club of luxury HowEVer as the population grew continuously?... Then proDUCTion faltered then it stopped and flew in to a sleep IneviTAbly there came the resource crash and the dark age The poor colLAPsing from starvation that’s when its our day Those at the BOTtom of the pile will sadly starve just dying while The top perHAPS will have to forego Caviar survive and smile! HOOK WHERE DID IT GO? MY SOUL ONE MINUTE HERE THEN GONE…OH! WHEN DID IT GO SO WRONG? BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO KNO-OH! 3 Russia TIGHTened its fuel stranglehold on Europe with a big stick indeed In fact, ONE so large that in a shameful repeat of history everyBODy looked away when it annexed the Czech republic The red ARMy marching thru the streets of Prague that state corrupted Or perHAPS everybody was watching the middle east And the YANK protectorate that had formed in its little streets After BEing dragged into a, worsening situation Israel NUKED Tehran and rolled its tanks thru Syria “invasion!” Maybe THEY were clocking China’s sabre-rattling in Tibet… Or INdias response to a hydrogen bomb test Conducted IN the bay of Bengal a test that was planned To snag atTENtion from the new Caliphate of Pakistan Who reSPONDed in kind same test thee Arabian Sea Yet desPITE it sanity prevented world war three However THERE are those that think that a war would’a been, a good thing As THEE resulting MEGADEATH relief it would then bring… To TAKE the strain off the world dwindling resources While adVANCEs in Tech would ‘a made us use’em more cautious Or at least it would ‘a given, the human race some breathing space Whereas NOW without one, well the human race it suffocates! HOOK WHERE DID IT GO? MY SOUL ONE MINUTE HERE THEN GONE…OH! WHEN DID IT GO SO WRONG? BUT NOBODY SEEMS TO KNO-OH!
FUTURESCAPE (Part 3) “OH TIN MAN” HOOK STRINGS – YOU’RE…JUST A WORK DRONE… FROM BIRTH YOU WERE GROWN, THEY MURDERED YOU OH!… CHOIR – OH…TIN…MAN…WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? YOU POOR… WORKER DRONE 1 PerSIStent rumours whispers the government secret workers Deep imPLANT technology this is sufferin’ beneath the surface Thee exPERiment taking off doesn’t defeat the purpose We risk EVerything playing God mustn’t repeat a word there’s… …Bunkers underground rumours of hideous HorriBLE experiments conducted on terrorist prisoners The HIPPocratic oath upped and gone but there isn’t listeners To HEAR the truth of how fucking wrong this terrible system is a… …Bloody operating table implements its foreplay …Lovely doctor waiting fatal instruments his forte …Casually takes out the organs bones flesh and limbs So PROtotype prosthetics and implant testing then begins …Helpless subjects their nervous systems stripped from’em And rePLACED with cybernetics regardless whether they want’em… And HUmanists shout “what the fuck have they done to him?” Subject one ZERo thinks in ones and zeros it’s a number thing But under THE skin of the man that once was the machine sees that amongst GODS Creature’s man is the dumbest, the safety comes off! HOOK STRINGS – YOU’RE…JUST A WORK DRONE… FROM BIRTH YOU WERE GROWN, THEY MURDERED YOU OH!… CHOIR – OH…TIN…MAN…WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? YOU POOR… WORKER DRONE 2 The CIVil unrest that followed looked for a while As if it MIGHT see everything come crashing down into a pile Integral ELements of military and police began To side WITH the activist damn now against The man! The comMITTee went ham “How can we let this stand?” So technoLOGical crowd control began it took off and ran… InSANE mad scientist’s aint fantasizers MADE a man oil in his vein ran with cyphers STRANGE hand devices… pain amplifiers …With not so much as a brain than a virus …“THESE robots work” worried not for the bucks and dimes So 60 MILLion were more quickly rolled off the production lines!... THEE rebellion it was doomed to failure stuck now Under ilLUSion that tyrants have hearts to cut out In actuALity the government’s sprawl was a larger and More masterFULL version of the old European parliament HOOK STRINGS – YOU’RE…JUST A WORK DRONE… FROM BIRTH YOU WERE GROWN, THEY MURDERED YOU OH!… CHOIR – OH…TIN…MAN…WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? YOU POOR… WORKER DRONE 3 Committee STANCE on technology was ambivalent Want breakthroughs FAST as they possibly could handle’em at The same TIME kept progress under wraps safe and sound in their labs if This gets OUT it’s over so never gave it out to the masses Lengthened LIFE expectancy Synthetic human stopped the ageing If the PUBlic got wind of what’s new in operation It would eXACerbate the problem of Booming population So they KEPT’em dumb thru agents in the Flu inoculation… ArtiFIcial life… computerized administration? Never LIKED the idea terrified that it would displace’em Nah the Idea of robots kept on the FACtory floor better While we splice gene with circuit to live PRACtically forever Craved ALL the benefits that technology brings the wealth Good HEALTH for no one else they want it all for themselves Coz TECH is power they micromanage control supress it… The SANDS of stunted growth Human genius dies in that desert! HOOK STRINGS – YOU’RE…JUST A WORK DRONE… FROM BIRTH YOU WERE GROWN, THEY MURDERED YOU OH!… CHOIR – OH…TIN…MAN…WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? YOU POOR… WORKER DRONE
FUTURESCAPE (Part 4) USELESS EATERS 1 Now If they CAN’T keep you unemployable and unemployed? They beCOME annoyed it’s unavoidable a cunning ploy Let mediA control the underclass damage is did but yet People were SICK to death stubborn some managed to slip the net No longer BLIND they tore the veil from their eyes to find their faced with Real reAlity as it really lies behind the Matrix Thee eLITE had to counter this what they decided was’ta Give’em JOBS’sa they’d be watched rebellion then harder to foster Sounded GOOD on paper but population booming they didn’t Count on MORE clever people born not enough jobs to give’em! The soLUTion? Simple “Education we will cripple Pacifying DRUGS we’ll be more liberal in prescribing’em till people dribble!” …Begin the process early when they’re younger start so They’ll grow OLD and under control part of the underclass though This is TEMporary boys pressures on more people awake And so its CERtain more drastic measures we will all need to take! X16 2 Let’s START with the immigrant; should’a started it sooner Using TOO much room a useless eater a wasteful consumer…. A BULlet to the head to expensive “Are you a loon? Ya” Throw’em IN the sea no funeral cost just food for the tuna And we’ll SHED a tear have a musician go play a tune ‘ta All the BRAVE souls lost now let’s get it over with sooner… At LEAST that way we won’t have families to go exhume the Body SPIN the story make the conspiracy just a rumour Coz the LAST thing we need is for questions and trials and to balloon up… ASSUME expressions of empathy and let the tears bloom but Hurry UP the lunar cycle starts get nude it’s time to croon at EffiGY’s of Baphomet to be blessed by lady Fortuna… And AFter that? Orgy with underage kids resume our Daily LIFEstyles costume a Roma deity there at my schooner END agenda? entomb ya free will people ya doomed the Unwashed MASSes we’re the surgeons and you? Well You’re just the tumour! 3 ANOther secret conference the Bilderberg’s take precedence They LOVE to speak of nonsense but still their words make presidents That ROLL over pause and… do tricks they’re puppets ShaDOW overlords and… do kiss their butt it’s In my SONGS I nickname’em cunts I live for fucking battle I CALL’em the committee the ones that sit above in shadow Fucking SHITtty life of ours a house in squalor chills and scars While the comMITtee light cigars with thousand dollar bills and laugh… “USEless eaters”….Honest, that’s what they call us… Coined BY Ted Turner, Hitler, or Thomas Malthus Round aBOUT the time BEfore jews went crazy and broke man HOW the fine T4 euthanasia program Set OUT to depopulate, which of course is the goal COWardly what a fate, it’s a source of a woe In HEAVen lonely hell to be evil “Look how gentle we kill!” InJECTing only elderly people took out mentally ill!
DON’T MAKE US DIE (Samples engineered by Rukas) …Don’t Make Us Fight…Oh Stay Alive …Won’t Take A Side So… They Must DIE… Verse The FiRsT …PRAISING THE LAW OF PHYSICAL FORCE TO KEEP YAS FROM AILING …RACING TOWARD THE CRITICAL SHORES OF SEAS THAT WE’RE SAILING ...NATIONS AT WAR POLITICAL TALKS OF LEADERS ARE FAILING …PATIENCE DEPLORED A DIFFICULT COURSE THE SECRETS PREVAILING Throw A Little War Coz We’re The Kings And Ever Been And Then We Know A Little More And They’ve Seen Things You Never Seen Think That The Governments The Law Of Nations?//Nah, Its Ran By The Corporations The Brand Is Everything They Planned It Its Development The Planet Is Rebelling And Man’s Irrelevant …Idiots Lead The Land They’ve//…Ridiculous Secret Handshakes Freedom Of Speech? Yeah Ya Got The Choice But… …Your Dead If Ya Betray The Boys Club (You See? That’s Toy Stuff) …I Can Picture’em All Shady In That Sense…//…Fake Transylvanian Accents Truth Is This To Them You’re Sheep!//You Exist To Bend Your Knee Don’t Ask Why It’s All A Lie//Just Say Goodbye Todays Your Day To Die! …Don’t Make Us Fight…Oh Stay Alive …Won’t Take A Side So… They Must DIE… Verse The SeCoNd …GUESS YOU ALL MIMIC THEE AFFLICTED THAT STILL SINGS OUR TUNES …SPECIAL SYMPHONY PREDICTED BUT WILL THINGS START SOON? …DEVIL LIVES IN TV ADDICTED TO FILMS IN DARK ROOMS …SEXUAL IMAGERY DEPICTED IN CHILDREN’S CARTOONS Cleverly They Draw Ya Gotta See Between The Lines Better Read The Law Don’t Wanna Be Behind The Times Scrawl Ya Tits That’s All The Kids Need//Balls And Dicks Drawn By Walter Disney Criminal Presidents Sell A Lotta Lies//While Subliminal Messages Tell Ya What To Buy Stole Your Jobs Feel Like A Dummy//But The Prices Still Rise Monthly Now You’re On The Dole What’s Funny? Yours Is Not To Question Why//Paupers Stop! Just Get Inside Choose Ya Side And Make It Right//Just Say Goodbye Todays Your Day To Die! …Don’t Make Us Fight…Oh Stay Alive …Won’t Take A Side So… They Must DIE… Verse The ThIrD …WAR IS A STUDY TOO PRETENTIOUS A JOKE YAS ARE LAUGHING …WALK WITH US BUDDY TO DEFEND US FROM OLD MISSES LADEN …WATERS ARE MUDDY THRU THE TRENCHES THE SOLDIERS ARE MARCHING …SLAUGHTERS ARE BLOODY WHO REMEMBERS THE ROSES? THE GARDEN ...Some Damn Fool Pushed The Button…So You Saved All Your Books For Nutin’ You Got Those On The Left, And Those On The Right//Those In The Wrong; And Those In The Right Well! …I Guess It Makes Everybody Right//Coz After A War There’s Nobody Left “Hell…My Desert Graves Ready Gotta Fly”//Just Half Of The Law Left So Many Dead How Ya Let That Fella Put Lives On A Plaque?//When You Can’t Tell The Good Guys From The Bad I’ve Seen The Plans Rfid Chips//The Fema Camps Our Next I.V Drips [Gonna Cost They Want It All] They’ll Run Your Life Then Ring You Dry//Just Say Goodbye Today's Your Day To Die! …Don’t Make Us Fight…Oh Stay Alive …Won’t Take A Side So… They Must DIE…
FUTURESCAPE - PART 6 - GET'EM WHILE THEY'RE YOUNG - after x 12 bars HOOk But Oh WE will despair honed to earn ya degree Below PEOple Are Scared Won’t Ya Learn To Be Free I Know EVil Is There Don’t Ya Turn To It Flee Don’t … BURN Eternally! Verse 1 Gleam the comMITTees secret agenda? Hate how dark that it gits I mean It’s PITiless seeing them the way they target our kids IndoctriNATion on college campus suit and tie polished manners Spotters FOR Satan offers waiting swoop in like vultures with their scanners AT the ready DNA testing no diseases allowed ya HAVE it heavy being straight questioned hope that Jesus’s power IS indeed weaker than Satan’s coz ya in for the long haul …Knee deep but can pagans wash ya sins? What a wrong call! …But too late to regret the… choice that you made… …Huh You made up ya bed with the voice of true hate… …Ya dangerous with ya dark sides kings’ve made up ya worth …Ya name was in their archives since the day of ya birth …But they’re no kings although they style themselves “kings if the earth” …Bruv they’re cold things you’ll know stay silent Hell spins with the worst LIKE minded sinners goes beyond blasphemy Quite CYNic souls’ve gone happily! HOOk But Oh WE will despair honed to earn ya degree Below PEOple Are Scared Won’t Ya Learn To Be Free I Know EVil Is There Don’t Ya Turn To It Flee Don’t … BURN Eternally! Verse 2 HALT on ya choice of schools fools want our global abeyance SO for that reason they got ya schools under total surveillance SCOUTer for the cream of the crop rejecting folks that are rabble POWer awe ya seen at the top you’re getting closer to shadow FINal there’s not a thing to say they spin you it “but You girl ought’a MIND that ya not assimilated into the New World Order” …Refuse to believe in God? It’s just fine chicks but you’re just… …Used for their breeding stock if ya bloodline is the purest …Deny the devil be patient faith it fails ooh the scouts …A high level freemason takes the males to a house With VOICE of hollow sweet fiction his property? Masonic lodge A CHOICE to follow Egyptian mythology based on its Gods …And those that aint picked are bagged the troublemakers are monitored …Impose their reign with the tag I struggle straight as a comet but …The earth is a school I love it I used to but The church is A tool corrupted by Lucifer! HOOk But Oh WE will despair honed to earn ya degree Below PEOple Are Scared Won’t Ya Learn To Be Free I Know EVil Is There Don’t Ya Turn To It Flee Don’t … BURN Eternally! Verse 3 Scary OH we’re paranoid glimpse order in places there’s none? Yeah we KNOW about the poisoned water thin faces are dumb No one GIVES a fuck so incidents like this and others happen Oh and THIS is but coincidence? Try listening fuckers back in Nineteen EIGHTy eight arrival five Georgia guide stones I mean THEY relate like bible like story a dry bones Type of TEN commandments 1st ones depopulation hearken Don’t try preTEND ya can’t since earth’s sons see jobs in Satan’s department Trust the LIES and dream though empty gently so that ye remember Plus that NICE man seemed quite friendly when he sold ya thee agenda… NAIve woman ya doomed officially in be shit Scared WHY Leave room in ya womb ya kids’ll be guinea pigs Yeah the LIFE brand new yes my Baby father taught me grammar Wear the EYE and to dress like Lady Gaga or Rihanna!... DAMN Oh! Who’s frightened power yours a heavy cost And no use FIGHTing now the wars already lost! Sigh!
FUTURESCAPE (Part 7) - DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK, MUMMY! HOOK “They’ve BEEN there for ages got PheodoFILES in high places Their plan deVELops in stages abusing KIDS from all races Got cages full…” RUKAS - VERSE 1 Two THOUSand fourteen we enter a darker phase\ Where KidNAPPed children looking like dolls are starved for days…\ CoVERT satanic groups so these cults are hard to trace…\ In BIG mansions evil abuse that starts at age\ 8 and UNder ritual abuse results the pastor preys\ Not PRAYs joins in with these demonic hulks that laugh at waifs\ Grasp the CAGE bars for day’s insults at part of stage\ One SCARy, the rapes barely dull the bastards rage …\ And YOU at home aint safe soon the culls disaster raises\ It’s HEAD with us dead party indulge our past erased\ Catch the DANcer in the middle convulse at faster pace\ As the CHANTer and a riddle invokes the master race\ The repTILian’s deceived you dolts bizarre and crazed\ But yet MILLions believe compulsive hearts a race\ LuciFERians… with sick minded skulls that blast the faith\ And I’d be SURprised if even… one of those pass the gates\ Years PASS kids grown as adults they’re castaways\ Scars that FADE still memories leave a repulsive aftertaste\ One reCALLS her first rape when she froze half amazed\ As she PULLS off the hood and beholds her father’s face!\ DEKAY – VERSE 2 They've been there for ages, but no one ever sees their faces\ Young females debased with unclean nails of sadists\ Their screams trail and fade with Machines frail and makeshift\ I hate this, complacent type of matrix were raised in\ That gossips about how that celebrity had a facelift\ But never bothers blogging on how kids are getting raped its\ The case with so many of these undercover cases Erased with\ No basis their cash pays the plaintiff\ Complain it’s the same shit\ They've reigned since the ancient Days now they trace\ Triple six shapes with their lace whips\ These perverts embrace sex occult cults that make bets\ On who can spill the most innocent blood they feel safe yet\ These are people in charge of your financial status\ Their grip on your fates tight like a nun in latex\ Let's take this to basics cause basically face it\ Your world where you work sleep and pray is a slaveship\ Designed to keep the commoners ignorant of the ways this\ Fucked up shit takes place yes they hold all the aces\ And sacrifice innocent lives in secret places\ Advertise subliminal lies to keep their bases\ (cut music) covered, And that's how they get away with\ MURDER And all you motherfuckers just sit there and take it\ And take this, and taste this... \ Cause to them human life is never sacred\ RUKAS - VERSE 3 If a MASTer spots a child with his cold violent eyes then dad is\ Glad and SO is mum now that their child will rise in status\ During THEE abuse parents say “kids we’re doing his\ Because we love you” HAH! That’s what a supreme human is?!\ Got me FUMing its sick there’s so many hush hushes\ Setting UP the kids to grow to not openly trust others\ Broken MENtality’s like escape aint possible at all\ Try to TELL someone…? end up in a hospital or morgue\ Some parents TRY to spare their kids some of this out of guilt\ OverRULed deemed as weak you don’t wann know how they’re killed\ DisconTENT in the ranks Yes! and there’d be mass exodus\ If they beLIEVED they could leave? Half would catch the next bus\ Those not HAPpy with what they do so they DON’T wanna chance an’\ They Whisper QUIETly but continue in the HOPE of advancement\ Coz you can ONly be abused by those that are above you\ So the Higher YOU rise? The less could could touch you, and err….love you!\ And The IllUMinists don't care who prints this seedy stuff\ They count on DISbelief, and guess who owns the media?\ And we would ALL do nuthin if presented proof but stand and gaze\ The MK-ULtra documents proved it and The Franklin case\ And it’s a DAMN shame, now where is the love today?\ All this FUCKing evidence still we looking the other way?\ EsCAPE is illusion; you take this abuse and\ So when I WRITE the last song? It’ll be called “The Solution!” \
FUTURESCAPE - Part 8 - KEEP THE MASSES DUMB VERSE 1 - RUKAS By twenty twenty three industry mechanisation rolled out on floors Applauded by the chiefs they recognised saving dough now of course… Less wage for joe public it profits’em even more And coz ya poor…? Your letters to office can be ignored Hope lost a knocked over soap box no jobs Yo coz whole squads of robots are low cost Do ya work for no dosh humans are so soft Slow slobs who smoke lots mope off no probs Machines don’t bother punching no clocks need no boss To go watch old fossil fuel? No pro-mods Can work in hot or cold spots puny humans? Show stops So what there’s 12 billion unemployed that’s no loss! A total bust as industry fell under state control Social justice dwindled see hell come? The satan show! Making stuff on telly turned our brains to mush strange enough Not slow it’s dangerous how we didn’t notice every show was changing us! VERSE 2 - LOVE EQUALS OMNIPOTENCE My father lost his job to a mechanical arm He handled it calm because he was dismantled from Nam Mind numb, dumb it down, just a broken patriot Speak against our country, he classified you atheist Worked for a corporation ‘till they phase out humans Got into the cloning, now we roam the Roman ruins Looking for some scrap metal from these chappie cyborgs Sell it to a chop shop that funds these twenty five wars Looking for a hacker who can build me a virus That infects the iris of the motherboard that hoverpilots Manipulating weather while they're lowering the climate Radiating ultra violet, tectonic seismic Drones fly, strike the center for disease control Before they start an outbreak so they can seize our souls Revolution televised on to every website Now every mammals scorching before you see a dead sprite HOOK PIECE - LOVE EQUALS OMNIPOTENCE Robots taking over, they're not even sentient Universal currency loaded on the Pentium Haven't had a dream since I snorted up the requiem Welcome to the have not’s of the new millennium VERSE 3 - RUKAS Shit we can wipe our arses and we do it quite well If we plan? hide ya bastards in a suicide cell We’re out to do your head in greedy tyrants mustn’t forget ya paid’fa All those studies called "tv violence doesn't affect behaviour” Coz they know it does they use it to influence all the people To get hold of us hate music blueprints to recall a evil That’s inside dormant waiting to bloom to pillage us so… I’d die fore i give satan room to fill up my soul… And telly can’t change personality fully but it’ll Desensitize us to violence, and people are so gullible Occult music telly and war a million directions Used to dull you’se to jelly and warp our children’s perceptions Often don’t leave ya building dark rooms you’re all busy Watching won’t see the filth in cartoons of walt Disney Bruv the BIGgest icons in music? Most are part of the cause Public FIGures life’s from Lucifer souls are bargained like Faust!
NOTHING TO THEM HOOK “Burn..Burn Don’t You Know You Got To Learn You… Mean Nothing To Them Your Just There To Stew And Wait Your Turn…” SECRET rulers of the Earth, those that sit above in shadow SEE the foolish? Stop it hurts, folks are sick of fucking battle …Judges corrupt as coke smugglers what the fuck is up it’s Sad the PUBLIC suffers we’re suckers enough is enough is’nt it tough as It IS “can’t touch us! above yas” dug us a grave and chuck us in Mothers hug us tuck us into bed love us ..Another’s blood is scrubbed his brothers stutters never recovers MOTHERS smothers her kids with the covers whispers “I love ya’s” Where the fuck is the justice? It’s missing bruv this system has fucked us but listen up kids there is a way to disrupt this, rubbish …What’s the Department Of Homeland Security Gonna do WITH 1 point 6 billion rounds of ammunition? Yes and during thee HEARING they said that like everything else the weaponry’s Cheaper to BUY in bulk and materials from the purchase in question’d be Used to train law enforcement officials sure But that much AMMO’S enough for 24 more Iraq wars “Cor!” The COVER up then fails build those men jails Before they Invent TALES to explain the Chem trails …but who gone save them Whales? HOOK “Burn..Burn Don’t You Know You Got To Learn You… Mean Nothing To Them Your Just There To Stew And Wait Your Turn…” …The Jet stream it encircles the globe where Their Planes go BACK and forth but going nowhere spreading poisoned dust oh yeah! There boys in trust don’t care there just droids and plus they got no voice enough kids for you soon they’ll take the choice from us, no fair! …Death descends in a little village in nowhere Ethnic CLEANsing? Oh yeah! no evidence since it is killed in cold air Another man made perversion that don’t end… Is the GEORGIA Guidestones some Yank version of Stonehenge Inscribed WITH the following words…/ Quote “Maintain humanity UNDER 500 million” unquote don’t let’em swallow the Earth!/ HERE’S what the Duke of Edin-burgh Prince Phillip said “If I DIED I’d come back as a killer virus to straight up kill yas dead” In SEVENTY Eight Henry Kissinger Said “U.S. policy ToWARD the third world should be one of depopulation obviously” BAN copulation plan depopulation and inoculations Weaken your immune system a standard operation HOOK “Burn..Burn Don’t You Know You Got To Learn You… Mean Nothing To Them Your Just There To Stew And Wait Your Turn…” They SEND subliminal messages through ya Television Stare and LISTEN while they indoctrinate ya to their religion Well CONDITIONED to their way of thinking now you help the system And ya KNOW Americas engaged in eco-terrorism WhereBY they can alter the climate to trigger earthquakes remotely THROUGH the use of EM waves that rip ya birth place up a lonely A STARVing girl cried out “Mammy I need some food I’m hungry” …The START of a world wide Somalia police the ruined country, dummy! …And Project MKUltra’s object? Have them betray cultures THEN they vultures picking over secrets men playing at golf as SICK as it seems our leaders have dreams to turn our teens to machines By ANY means green screens dreams schemes to alter genes And FIENDS in the guise of Scientists being paid a scandalous SUM of money too see ya DNA is tampered with not funny! SCREAMS it’s the rise of the ZIONISTS iron fists All seeing EYE on this Triangle spy on us while I am missed describing this HOOK “Burn..Burn Don’t You Know You Got To Learn You… Mean Nothing To Them Your Just There To Stew And Wait Your Turn…”
FUTURESCAPE (Part 10) - THE CULLING VERSE 1 - RUKAS 16 BARS …The great deception so vast it will escape perception …The common man in a maze? He can’t pick A direction …And death is swift for, he that sees enough You’ll never LIVE to speak up leaders bounded by secrecy and blood Will SEE ya dead their plan is to kill the majority And dull the MINDS of the minority horribly they’re the authoriTY … Contaminated food and water poisoned air Humans SLAUGHTered everywhere you and yours best get prepared Andrew JACKson the face on the $20 bill DeseCRATEd 800 Indians when he got’em killed But that aint NOthing to what’s coming next FEMA makes Half a Million COFFins in Georgia laid out? They can be seen from space AIR tight coffins they the thing when you made to bring PLAGUE to ya people need something safe to lay’em in YOUR phone spills radiation? I don’t know But horMONE pills cause Cancer believe me? Oh No! VERSE 2 - RUKAS 16 BARS The HoSPICE to get Gran well? How blatant a lie Most of us KNOW its where old folks go waiting to die EuthaNASia they’ll kill elderly and terminally ill InfantiCIDE Babies 30 days old learn to be killed Human POPulations of course you nuthin’ but slaves Flu iNOCulations that cause Flu government makes Bird FLU Small Pox Anthrax and Aids in- -Jected IN us disguised as a damn vaccination Fucking WITH the weather its scary bruv it’s so true Man MADE floods and droughts in areas that grow food More FRIGHTening new ways to pure sin to kill ya seed? Put FluoRIDE in toothpaste to cause infertility The CIA import drugs for Mafia to get us hooked Fast FOODS promoted to cause heart disease so let’s just cook Too many CIVilians are living? That’s hideous lies at best coz 7 BILLion could easily fit in a city the size of Texas! VERSE 3 - K CHAMBERS 16 BARS Who do you believe in? I'm just human being Believing is seeing, Let's change this human teaching Elevate the mind through the use of truthful speaking It resonates through time the movement and proof reveals it Meditate and climb to remove my useless weakness I'll levitate and find the clues to the losers secrets it's a revelation, a celebration, but it's never fake with decorations They cover up, they sucker punch, but still end as runners up That's why I separate my eyes from my mind as preparation And I will step away although I'm blind with expectation Il regulate what's right and fight for every nation Let's never hate the time is nigh for to get salvation I'm sorry but from what the plan there's no escaping Unless u can find the way that you came in 16 bars ain't enough to give u an explanation Check the last book of the bible it's your trial before tribulations. VERSE 4 - HYBRID THE RAPPER 16 BARS Transhumanism... they wanna make into a computer luciferian agenda ... treat me like an active shooter Diabolical technological advancement Prodigal son returning against robotic enhancements Bionic maniac// Masonic Solomon megalomania Uranium in your cranium It’s draining ya ... money motivated land ownership As Motherships hover us ... the governments covers it up (clusterfuck) To butter us up before they stuff us up In the oven and keep that shit SHUT They wanna see my name on the tombstone At a gravesite late at night with a full moon and a Druid robe Magical powers and tragical towers of Babel The ladder to Heaven I wrestle with angels they treat us like cattle We battle and travel through portals like mortals to unravel The patterns of the universe with blood in the gravel
THE TYRANTS PERFECT DREAM After these processions… comes the sweeping up… …The rag and bone possessions… an old tin cup …The army trucks have hauled away… the newly slain… …The angry crowd retreats… but they’ll be back again… And the PRISONER… in the palace… does not understand… The INGRATITUDE… around him… after ALL he’s done and planned… But IF this the way… that it must be then he’ll be damned… If he will LET them take away… his perfect dream VERSE 1 BOMBS dropping non stopping a guy called Laronze shot him But he survived and had killed another strong shocking Act his brother Dons sobbing, gone shopping for a bronze coffin Cons locked in hear them sad songs often Giant arm-ies embarrassed see he’s at home mister The tyrant can’t leave his palace he’s his own prisoner Try and try and can’t please the unwashed masses Here, try some noxious gases he never lost clashes …The shelling of shops cover the selling of squads Yelling his god’s name another rebellion is squashed UNGRATEFUL useless eaters he did this all for you Something’s waiting in the wings it is called a coup! “Listen closely…don’t dare oppose me I’m just there to bring to you my perfect dream” The word is on the street now… growing day by day… …And even the informers… know to stay away… And the PRISONER… in the palace…is appalled by this charade… Feeling STRANGELY unprotected… by his miles of golden braid… And IF this is… the way… that it must be then I’m afraid… He will not LET them take away… his perfect dream… VERSE 2 The PEACE that he will imbed leaves the people in debt He’s so regal and yet sleeps with evil in bed The tyrant sits cool high on his stool Iron fist rule keeps the people in check, yeah! But enough is enough touchy subjects Upset with the bloodshed is to toughen yas up! Yep! His justifications ring true in his ears deluded, Plus his nation been thru years of fucking stupid Decisions can’t do it; no more guys want his head The rich Sheik in the desert put a price on his bed Always moody, but shows a bit of love in battle Now he’s opposed by… Those That Sit Above In Shadow “Fly in the army…the tyrant can’t leave Gotta crush and take away his perfect dream” …He cried inside the limousine… and at the airport too… Where the SOLDIER… knelt before him… and kissed his shoe… …He flew across the desert… and the open sea… While they TORE down… all his statues… and his legacy… And these MOUNTAINS… of equipment… brought from foreign lands… Are now STACKED up… in the desert… being buried by the sand… THESE rows of helicopters… rusting where they stand… Are butterFLIES to take away… the perfect dream… VERSE 3 Down underground in a mountain they found him Held him to account impound him? Hell no surround and let the bullets hound him The people toil for us, the oils a plus Spoils of war? Nah spoils of love ya country’s now a toilet flushed Sam the uncles in charge now a little patience The UN stands for unequivocal Devastation The Tyrants troops are captured by civilized soldiers Paraded naked by guys that epitomise vultures They’ve different lives and cultures but they mould a New leader and look him over, like they did a nice sculpture “He looks like them but he’ ours ‘hight’ then Fly our friend there install him in power by ten! “I’ll bring order…not violent slaughter I’m just here to bring a new and perfect dream!” And the VICTOR… greets the newsmen… with a strange and stoic style… They take a HUNDRED… thousand pictures… and in none of them a smile… But THIS is just… the way… that it must be now for a while… He’s only COME to bring… another… perfect dream…
THE TYRANT’S FLAWED NIGHTMARE (RUKAS & CHOGAIA) HOOK The Heathen that fights, for Freedom then dies EVen the wise are deceived and surprised They beLIEve in their lies, not me I’m a rise To me FEET and Look deep in their eyes! Fight! VERSE 1 RUKAS …The tyrant dies and his rule is over Whilst the martyr DIES and his rule begins foolish soldier… …are you SURE you’re on the side of right? Come round and let’s see if you like the SIGHT of your family tied up gunned down in the street Every TYrant believes in freedom, yeah for himself And THOUGH I am for peace I believe in a fair law as well THUS, every country has the right if necessity calls To PULL the tyrant down “sonny lets fight coz its best if he falls” …Here’s what happens the masses elect the Tyrant coz they’re FOOLED He first came as a protector, now it’s a iron rule …Free state? Please mate it’s a police state, what we SAY Don’t matter peace? Nay it’s just a cliché… SucCESSful freedom fighter stay honest friend I pray you don’t become THAT what you hate most and, what you fought so long against NEED bail we in jail and rotting monthly Till an outsider spoke FOR us, Illegal alien hailed from a foreign country Brother DO stay ahead of the, folks from immigration Who SAY they’re fed up with moving folk that show up in their place Uncovered WHO’S prey or predator? Post’em in a page dem Views MAKE ya dead if they’re proven Yo but hole up in ya basement But a FEW stay together a, -ppose administration Shoot STRAIGHT ahead with ya movement though it blow up in ya face and Fuck the NEWSpaper editor, show some innovation Truths WAY? Ya vetted it you control the flow of information! HOOK The Heathen that fights, for Freedom then dies EVen the wise are deceived and surprised They beLIEve in their lies, not me I’m a rise To me FEET and Look deep in their eyes! Fight! VERSE 2 CHOGAIA - “FUCK FRANCO!” People emigrated, to Europe and the states ARTists lived in exile new country new candidates Woman WERE treated like cattle by their own husbands NOThing more than chattel or something found in the dustbins You were in TALKS with Hitler kept the Germans from Spain But DIDn’t help the Jews you just let’em burn in the flames In 75’ your tyranny died light Returned to life and people came back, well those that were still alive! I wasn’t BORN when you were in power but I heard awful stories That LEFT me feeling sour I was like “NO more please!” …Till 39’ we lived in a democratic republic Freedom of speech and suffrage us woman loved it diVORCE was allowed nobility stripped off title The CATHolic church had less power till its revival …In 36’ you declared war Franco ThereFORE I’m ashamed we were born in the same land No …A little later, you became the dictator NO more rights for woman “Our freedom? See ya later!” People WEREn’t allowed to speak Galician, Vasque or Catalan HAD to ban writers for working in their own land HOOK The Heathen that fights, for Freedom then dies EVen the wise are deceived and surprised They beLIEve in their lies, not me I’m a rise To me FEET and Look deep in their eyes! Fight! VERSE 3 - RUKAS & CHOGAIA How to END totalitarianism? Rise up as one THROW the whole military in prison lies? Suffer none! “NO more waiting for others to fight the battle for you” Take conTROL there’s no knight in shining armour to grapple for you DEAL with fear before it’s used against you cannot let a WEAK eMOTion like fear control you and No! “Man not ever “Init? DON’T be timid gotta be in it to win it It won’t start till YOU begin it cynic eternal minute the war infinite” …No rulers, and we won’t support no tax FLEE home be known dethrone the autocrats So OPEN up ya eyes and learn how to see things ya might’a missed COWards, weaklings, and Nihilists power seeking kings Sciolists CreATed living hell Soul was traded in for wealth Refusing TO believe that something could be greater than themselves The tyrants NIGHTmare was flawed wake up its real look outside The sleeping MASses are stirring “wiping the sleep from their eyes!” HOOK The Heathen that fights, for Freedom then dies EVen the wise are deceived and surprised They beLIEve in their lies, not me I’m a rise To me FEET and Look deep in their eyes! Fight!
FUTURESCAPE - Part 13 - THE SOLUTION! HOOK …EVIL IS FINALISED BUT [FINALISED] …WE CAN ALL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM [FIGHT FOR FREE] …PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO RISE UP [TIME TO RISE] …SEE’EM FALL DIE OR LEAVE’EM [DIE OR LEAVE] VERSE 1 - RUKAS How DARK it, is in these songs but we’re not there yet park it… Some THINGS have happened and, some are getting started Now ya KNOW the system wants us all cut down to half a billion Power BROKErs? Listen monsters you’ll fuck round with our civilians Till the DAY of revolution design us your antidotes shit Kill aWAY the Devils losing his time is short and he knows it… WE all stand forever centred Total Alpha-Minds lift!... PEOple plan together enter Global Paradigms shift!... …Pages from bibles? Oh we missing plenty No! Satanist Idols and no need to kiss the ring of any Pope Ya hot LIPS to the seal but clearly eyes are blind “But hail!” The fog LIFTS to reveal what really lies behind the veil Thomas JEFFerson said the banks more menacing than an army Honest PRESident set of plans you’re medicine? Man ya can’t leave All ya MONEY in banks they’re not very honest son the fact is It’s safer BURied in the forest shit; even hide it under the mattress! HOOK …EVIL IS FINALISED BUT [FINALISED] …WE CAN ALL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM [FIGHT FOR FREE] …PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO RISE UP [TIME TO RISE] …SEE’EM FALL DIE OR LEAVE’EM [DIE OR LEAVE] VERSE 2 - UNCLE BUNGLE HOOK …EVIL IS FINALISED BUT [FINALISED] …WE CAN ALL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM [FIGHT FOR FREE] …PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO RISE UP [TIME TO RISE] …SEE’EM FALL DIE OR LEAVE’EM [DIE OR LEAVE] VERSE 3 - RUKAS Kids proGRAMS aint soft notice they seem seedier? The whole PLAN is to brainwash folks with mainstream media Turn it OFF poor half-hearted priests? Who claim peace and poverty?... Earn the CLOTH fore our Father sees you aint preaching properly! Good parent? GET ya kids the fuck out of these government schools Look they’re in LECTure it’s corrupt our teachers nuthin but tools And if ya BUYing pay cash but, some wankers won’t do They’d rather GET in debt heck you let the bankers own you? Ya local CAFÉ and corner shops? well try eating at these Coz chain STORES and restaurant’s they only feeding the beast And if ya DO own a gun? Stash it before the gun bans ordered Yall PROBably need it the day ya neighbours come for ya food and water And HAVE an escape plan before the raid and Ignore the “GovernMENTS… safety areas” coz they’re the opposite of safe man …The sort ‘a thing ya facing? Your elimination Pure inTIMidation you’RE NOW in a war of information! Yeah! HOOK …EVIL IS FINALISED BUT [FINALISED] …WE CAN ALL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM [FIGHT FOR FREE] …PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO RISE UP [TIME TO RISE] …SEE’EM FALL DIE OR LEAVE’EM [DIE OR LEAVE] RUKAS VERSE 4 Don’t be FLEECED as one day a peacemaker speaks he seeks To deCEIVE half the world will believe him not knowing he’s the beast ….It’s got me so paranoid that I’ve gone bald Trusting a SEEMingly good guy like Ron Paul? Could be a wrong call …Even though he got robbed in 2’ 0’ Twelve Fuck it HAVE votes counted in public only way for polls to go well The GAME is rigged me? Well I don’t vote no more “what surely NOT?” err yeah bruv the establishment ticked my box for me WE should demand that Freemasons come out the cupboard go public IF ya good prove yav nuthin’ to hide what else? Hmm Fuck it TALK about God but don’t bible bash’em it won’t help I’ve tried THAT one myself “Heavens” it get’em angry as “Hell” So I DO this from this my poetry few respond as they won’t believe The TRUTH is in this song Yo the futures promised to nobody So SPREAD the word before ya done we live in dangerous times Never heard YOU’RE the one listen stranger the signs… say take off ya blinds! HOOK …EVIL IS FINALISED BUT [FINALISED] …WE CAN ALL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM [FIGHT FOR FREE] …PEOPLE IT’S TIME TO RISE UP [TIME TO RISE] …SEE’EM FALL DIE OR LEAVE’EM [DIE OR LEAVE]


FUTURESCAPE - (2015) - by Rukas


"As soon as I press play on track one of Rukas's 9th album FUTURESCAPE I can tell from the intro that I am about to taken on a dark journey into the mind of Rukas laced with quotes from Alex Jones this is real life mood music with a message.

The intro track “ILLUMINATUS” - Rukas Ft Trippie Hippie & K Chambers - Prod Anno Domini Scarebeatz - is a good build up beat covered in sick vocals from Rukas backed by Trippie Hippie and K Chambers all 3 of them blend well for the final verse an explosive introduction.

Track 2 THE TOTALITARIANS! - Prod Scarebeatz - A very informative track which Rukas destroys with ease building up the tone.

Track 3 THE COMMITTEE - Rukas - Prod Adamack - sucked me in from the beginning and managed to put me in some kind of hypnotised state while watching my windows media player screen Rukas could start a revolution with the this track if he played it in a highly populated area. A definitive festival/arena anthem.

Track 4 THE TIN MAN - Rukas Ft Matt - Prod Crux Teneabrae - is wicked word play in motion with another epic hook rammed with humour and poisonous delivery absolutely epic Beatles style hip hop music

Track 5 USELESS EATERS - Rukas - Prod 2DEEP - feels like Rukas giving a lyrical lesson a history lesson and a public service announcement about the dangers of the government agenda and is a perfect track to lead into

Track 6 Don't Make Us Die - Rukas Ft Dekay & Matt - Prod Adamack - this one is a chilled out every track full of murderous melody’s.

Track 7 entitled Get'em While They're Young - Prod 2Deep - sounds like the sort of music that a crazy cult would listen to in the woods Rukas delivers some dark mind warping ten paces shoot out music with this beat.

By Track 8 DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK, MUMMY! - Ft Dekay - Prod Crux Teneabrae - I realise I’m right this really is crazy cult in the woods hip hop Rukas sounds like an evil warlock creating an alternative Disney sing along soundtrack theme. Rukas entertains his followers while informing people of disgusting daily horrors. Dekay skips across the beat sounding like some sort of evil spirit hunting down the targets of their lyrically sarcastic eye opener filled with disturbing content

Track 9 KEEP THE MASSES DUMB - Ft Love Equals Omnipotence - Prod Dansonn - brings the masses attention back to what I think the whole point of FUTURESCAPE is a wakeup call

Track 10 NOTHING TO THEM - Rukas Ft Matt - Prod Slantize - sounds like a spell spoken in the lyrical language of the wind or something when I listened to this Rukas painted lyrical pictures in my mind over music notes.

Track 11 THE CULLING - Ft K Chambers & Hybrid The Rapper - Prod Crux Teneabrae - Rukas sounds like he’s running lyrically as he rushes into this beat and slices it into pieces so much so that when Alex jones started speaking for the hook my brain told him to shut up but luckily it’s not long before Rukas is back slower flow this time Rukas writes the perfect theme song for a real life purge TV show. K chambers is brutal with the bars as always hybrid the rapper smashes it as well all 3 work well together a really good track

Track 12 THE TYRANTS PERFECT DREAM - Rukas Ft Al Stewart - Prod Hala X - Alex jones takes the stage with explosive humour the curtains go up on some sort of scary hip - hop musical that drops into a classical spooky ghost train rollercoaster into the weirdest parts of Rukas’s mind

Track 13 THE TYRANT’S FLAWED NIGHTMARE Ft Chogaia - Prod Scarebeatz - an epic intro with a head bopping hook followed by an enchanting yet viciously perfect verse from Chogaia this whole track is a perfect balance on informative yet creative wordplay and mind haunting melodies

Track 14 THE SOLUTION - Ft Uncle Bungle - Prod Crux Teneabrae - a dark underground banger to boot you out the door and send you on your way somewhere stuck in a state of lyrical amazement from the journey you’ve been on and creped out near overly informed to the point of barricading your doors. Then uncle bungle drops and you wanna run out side with a chair leg and bash people to death for using zebra crossings. FUTURESCAPE shows you a dark future we might be heading in and left me feeling pumped for revolution to sum this album up it’s like an anti - authoritarian being John Malkovich where you step inside the mind of Rukas for the 9th time and experience being john Brannan, in a world full of secret society’s and agendas this album is a real life murder mystery musical."


03. The Committee - Rukas - Prod Adamack
04. The Tin Man - Rukas Ft Matt - Prod Crux Teneabrae
10. Nothing To Them - Rukas Ft Matt - Prod Slantize
11. The Culling - Ft K Chambers & Hybrid The Rapper - Prod Crux Teneabrae
13. The Tyrant’s Flawed Nightmare ft Chogaia - Prod Scarebeatz
14.The Solution - Ft Uncle Bungle - Prod Crux Teneabrae

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"As you know I'm anti-Illuminati, but I know a lotta people have a viewpoint that Illuminati are not the "Devil worshipping rulers that lead the unwashed masses" as conspiracy theorists rant on about all day, but rather “seekers of truth and hidden knowledge “. I do not oppose that particular sect, as I feel they are confused dabblers in occult, led astray by mainstream media. I do however feel and pray for them, as the crooked shiny looking path they are on could possibly lead them to a fiery end, if you believe your old Testament bible teachings that is. The Bible itself confuses me (As it was supposed to when the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, and a shady group of men in the 4th century intended when they edited the Bible and voted on it THEN being the written word of God)

The Illuminati that I DO speak against are the Bavarian organization ‘supposedly’ created by Adam Weishaupt (this is public knowledge) but I happen to believe a hidden alien agenda has been in operation for thousands of years on Earth, And though I do not discount the probability of Aliens of a benign nature...I also am starting to suspect that some of these supposed ‘Aliens’ are in fact demonic, and are subtly trying to turn man from God so when they do eventually reveal themselves (with the support of a great newly risen leader on earth in the future) we will welcome them with open arms, as they come bearing gifts in the form of ‘Cures’ ‘Technology’ and a new belief system. A system which will start with a one world currency/Religion, and morph into the outright worship of Lucifer.

I firmly believe our leaders/Puppets are pawns of the real ‘ILLUMINATI’ a group of people who have been in cahoots with the ‘Demons’ for a very, very, very long time. I believe those people DO sacrifice children, they DO worship Lucifer, thy DO believe in ‘Signs and numerology’ they DO put great stock in ancient and archaic symbolism, as a random 4 bars from one of my songs (ANGELS FLY) portrays;

“Through Spanish to Sumerian man kinds Leaders
New language Luciferian hand signs heed this,
…See Satan’s inner vision and its horrible
…Freemason symbolism on the dollar bill”

…In short, YOU (THE PEOPLE) might not believe in Lucifer as the Bible depicts him, but your leaders DO. Our leaders believe and worship Lucifer! I mean fucksake people! The Los Angeles Times of December 12, 1984, quoted John Paul II as saying:

"Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins: come to me!"

There are so many example and physical proof I could cite in the form of transcripts, quotes and dimensions of building of import for example that it would take you hours to read through it all.

Those ancient structures that were not in my opinion created by humans. in fact they actually support my argument that ancient visitors (DEMONS masquerading as ALIENS) came to earth and still do, to influence man and turn him from god with wonders, be it levitation via sound waves of massive structures, or taking on the roles of Gods, naming themselves, Zeus, Odin and other such paganism. All this serves to make man believe there are God(S) plural.

Constantine edited the Bible, yes I believe that, with money as a tool to create a 'One World Religious Canon' money money money....God should NEVER be in the same sentence with that word. I refuse to believe that the God of the Bible would send for example my fiancée Chogaia Cristina LV to Hell for being an Atheist....she’s a good person, who happens not to believe in God. It scares the fuck out me, coz I don't know what’s gonna happen to people like her, or myself for that matter. I mention this to support my belief that some of the Bible isn't (Wholly) from God. I just pray to the God I believe in and go with what FEELS right in regards to the bible.

The starving child with no access to a religious system and ‘or belief is safe in my opinion. We that do whoever, have knowledge and awareness of the possible existence of God ....we have to be careful. that’s all I can say. I don't know, it confuses me too... 'The Great deception' what is that?...

The Bible?
The AntiChrist, and his Messiah impersonation?
The Aliens/Fallen Angels/Demons soon to come?
The Young Earth Theory?

I personaly believe the great deception will be #2 in that list

The only thing I do know (in my heart at least) is that there is 1 God who loves us and wants us with him in Heaven. Hell? Well, as my lyrics from old song "The Sinner's Song" say;

"Know within your soul's core Hell was not built for us//
Oh! I think of those poor fellas God filled with love//"

I think of the testimony of 4 year old children who have had NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) or who have actually flat lined and died for a short while, and seen Jesus and/ or Angels, I think of the information they have brought back with them, and I know a 4 year old child could NOT come out with some of the stuff they have said about their visit to Heaven as it were. There’s 1000’s of such videos and information in regards to this.


Or this one strikes me also with truth


These and other such videos aren’t the reason I believe in God…The strange thing is…I KNOW God exists and thereby can’t win an argument with any non-believers who expect me to provide proof lol. I mean what they think I am, a fucking Angel? I can’t explain WHY I am 100% certain there is a God…I just KNOW. That's probably weak sounding as the statement "You just have to have FAITH" lol but it’s all I have

“Their great deception...is to have you believe that they don’t exist"

I mean who wants to be known as the local nut job that believes his leaders are in turn ruled by devil worshipping, child abusing Luciferians? ‘Enlightened Ones’ my arse, if they truly were that which they claimed, they would recoil In horror at what awaits them pass the veil. I understand some may consider me such a ‘nutjob’ for my own beliefs...

...Which are thus...

1 - I believe in the God of Abraham, I believe in Jesus, I don’t know what to believe of the Bible, as I believe during the 1st Council of Nicaea in AD 325, The Roman Emperor Constantine edited the book. A mere man with a group of Money driven shrivelled up old men with an overblown flair of... presumptuous arrogance, took upon themselves the audacious task of settling the ”God & Jesus” issue. Mainly the fact that Jesus was as divine as God, was the topic.

2 - I believe The Vatican, to be most heinously corrupt. Need I talk about the child abuses perpetrated and only in the last decade coming to light? What else does The Vatican hide from us?

Why, in The Los Angeles Times of December 12, 1984, was John Paul II quoted as saying:

"Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins: come to me”

I mean, WHAT.THE.FUCK? Why did this mortal man, this...’Holy Anointed Pope’ decide to raise himself above God?

Why is the bronze sculpture located in The Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall so...demonic looking in appearance? Google that shit and then tell me that isn’t a Fucking Reptilian head morphing out of the head of Jesus... this has an alien... Chthonic feel to it that reeks of Satan to me In fact I'll add the image to this album.

The work is called ‘LA RESURREZIONE’ sculpted by Pericle Fazzini.

Why, did the Vatican cover up the 3rd secret of Fatima? Despite 100.000 people witnessing “The Miracle of The Sun” In 1917, (An event that saw the sun change colours dance and streak toward the earth, drying the mud around the Masses as well as the clothes they wore)

The Vatican declared this “A Genuine Miracle” yet decided to withhold the 3rd Secret despite the implicit directions from Lucia De Jesus Do Santos, that it be opened in 1960?

Lucia was one of the 3 children who in Portugal 1917 witnessed the series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fátima, Eventually in June 2000 the secret Was revealed.

The original 3rd secret was 1 page of writing.

What we got in 2000 from the Vatican was a supplementary vision of 60+ lines and 4 pages, and NOT the 3rd Secret itself. This I believe was because the secret concerned the church itself, and the corruption therein...

...After all, the secret was intended for The Pope, not the public. I believe it was a warning for the church to rid itself of its Satanic traits.

Revelation 17:4 ...

'And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold
And precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.'

The main colours of the Bishops and Cardinals in the Catholic Church are purple and scarlet ...And we all know how rich The Vatican is,
Gold adorns everything, with jewels all over. Future album from me is gonna really dig the dirt on those...fuckers, I'll call it The RED & SCARLET Beast. Nuff said.

For those that do believe in God, do you think it was his vision to have his Holy church so money and wealth oriented?

Why does The Vatican now believe in Aliens?

Is it because they know they will arrive soon, and be hailed as saviors?

Are aliens really Demons, sent to turn us subtly away from God?

Are they the ones our ancient ancestors worshipped as Zeus, Set & such like?

How did we build those impossible structures? (Puma Punku being just one ancient example, and Coral Castle in Florida being a more modern, yet still mysterious structure(s)

I believe demons in the guise of Benevolent Aliens have influenced
Mankind for thousands of years. All this is the lead up to the end times...

...You may be wondering why I’ve ranted on so much about The Vatican? Well mainly because as “Gods Vicar” On earth, the Pope and all his ilk have completely abused their position, in fact gone way beyond that, the majority I believe have fully turned to Satan. Some perhaps unwittingly so... by following orders. What about the government you ask? They’re puppets. Behind them the strings are pulled by the real leaders...

“Those Who Sit Above in Shadow”...

...A name I like to call them. Call them whatever you like, The Bilderbergs, The Rothschilds, though suffice to say These are public names. Who knows what group lurk behind them. The Rothschild dynasty is the most visibly powerful bloodline on earth with an empire worth $500 trillion! They have financed nearly EVERY war since Napoleon. Their greatest weapon IS the financial system.

Brain-Washing - A very successful mass-enslavement tool used is the education system. Schools are no longer what they used To be, our kids are learning to memorize without thought and to obey without question. The reason we pay money for this Governmental education? Easy, the "Elite" require our kids learn conformity, It will make it easy when the “great Culling” Starts in earnest. they will then have created a generation of zombie-like emotionless drones, who will kill their own Families if ordered to do so. Moving on...

“The Mark” is an often debated issue among conspiracy theorists. Is it the RFID chip we will all be forced to receive? For without it we may not purchase goods...the following excerpt from The King James Bible sends sheer shivers down my spine when I remember it...

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”

—Revelation 13:16-17, King James Version Bible

Those who reject this possible ‘Mark of the Beast’ will be sent to die in FEMA camps. Typically the majority of these wil be Christians. Obama has ordered Secret construction of FEMA camps all over the USA, ordering his minions to do it as quietly as possible. These FEMA camp’s may have the appearance Of a helpful establishment placed there in preparation for a time of need(i.e. natural disaster), But Bullshit! All FEMA facilities have several layers of fencing, All of which for some mysterious reason Have barbed wire at the top, pointing toward the inside of the fence. Why would you want to keep people you are Helping in? Along with this, electronically operated turnstiles guard the only entrances into the gated sections. Cameras watch closely Over the supposedly abandoned sites, and HeliPads have been placed anticipating the arrival of helicopters. They have ‘family coffins’ in FEMA camps that can fit 4 adults inside.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA AS A TOOL FOR BRAINWASHING THE "USELESS EATERS" (PS, that's you and me, no not You ya posh cunt)

Hollywood is, and has been conducting a blatant psychological warfare operation...for a very long time.

TV? Shit, that’s their main tool....Disney is one of the worst, some of the filth you see in his...creations if you research, will Completely shock you. A DISNEY Movie called “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” actually has the word Illuminati on The background on a blackboard. The well-loved cartoon character Goofy holds a skateboard with a crowned all seeing eye.

For those that don’t know the ‘Eye of Horus’ represents the masonic Christ or Lucifer, Satan, God & Ruler of this world.

The amount of times the words 9/11 has been used in movies PRIOR to the disaster beggars belief and goes way beyond coincidence.

They love shoving their damn numerology under our noses KNOWING that the average person will refuse to lend it any credence. Standard Modus Operandi of the NWO.

Nickelodeon has used “The Eye” in many of their logos. Much the same design as that found all over American money, satanic symbolism is all over our movies, shows, music and cartoons, subliminally attacking& influencing us, especially the Young.

One last cartoon example I present as a link, Here’s something that even the most Stubborn debunkers among you will have trouble brushing off -


- Remember, you may not believe in the Devil...But your leaders do!

Watch out for the world leader that survives a mortal head wound, watch out for the One World Religion. Prepare for "The Culling". Refuse the Mark.

Closing words? A quote -

As J. Edgar Hoover said;

“We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.”

(Elks Magazine, August 1956.)

"I put a LOTTA work into this conceptual album, more so than any of my other 8 albums, you BETTER enjoy it fuckers, peace!

Rukas 2015.
Open-eyed Christian and fucking proud of it"


released February 19, 2015

All credits given in track(s) info

Credit giv

All Songs mixed and Mastered by myself (Rukas)

All tracks recorded at @ Endell Street Studio by Matt Catlow

83 Endell Street Covent Garden London, WC2H 9DN

www.endellstreetstudio.com/index.htmlen to the rare everyman, he'she that has EYES WIDE OPEN.


all rights reserved



Rukas Greater London, UK

My name is Rukas AKA The Grey Walker AKA The Mirror Writer AKA Apprentice To The Word AKA NUFF SAID! I'm a rapper/Lyricist with my own unique style, I Write words and make them do strange things... I get’em to jump up and strip for me… if ya hot I'll collab

"In every starving land there's a fat King
And every laughing man shares a sad grin"
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