MASTER OF THE WORD (Episode 3) - (2012)

by Rukas

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The final part - Slave become Apprentice becomes Master!
My 3rd album


“Master of the word" is a pretty big claim for any writer to make, but Rukas lyricist holds up end of the bargain pretty well on this epic 18 track release. The opening track begins with apocalyptic sounding music, building up to a fast paced, intricately woven rhyme scheme, the tone of which is kept up thru out the album. Rukas sets the bar with his opening lines
Unnatural oddity mad anomaly
I babble comically from Babylon a freak
Head of a Jackal wanna eat the Forbidden apple from the tree
Travelled onwardly Battle honourably from the deep
Aint no mystical weapons that will conquer me"

....And keeps up an impassioned dialogue for the rest of the album.

Features here are rather hit and miss, with some of them bringing down the levels with sub-par flows, and others complementing the tracks perfectly (I'll include myself in that last category, as you can find a Dekay verse on Anno Domini produced track "Yesterday”)

A standout track for me is the viciously funny and witty track "ANIMATED" with brilliant wordplay and a catchy beat. In contrast to that another favourite is "BENEATH THE WINTER SNOW" a beautifully sampled beat depicting a trues event from Rukas's life. Covering a wide range of topics from religious beliefs to a Heroin addicted past, this is a quality set of tracks that are unbelievably, free to download!


The final part - “Slave” become “Apprentice” becomes “Master!”

I am of course referring to my journey from album 1, “SLAVE TO THE WORD – Episode 1”
, to album 2 “APPRENTICE TO THE WORD - Episode 2” and then finally here this particular
saga ends with the final episode “MASTER OF THE WORD - Episode 3”
This is my 4th studio album (Album 3 is THE TERRAN TALE TELLER) to date
. With this I knew I had to go beyond myself, draw on some serious quasi-mystical like
reserves untapped!. My 1st album SLAVE was good, a far as being a debut. APPRENTICE better, with
top production from PRO P, the UK's busiest producer!...So I felt like I was heading in the right
direction. As long as each album was slightly better than the previous, I was happy. I knew track #1
was gonna have to straight up KILL rappers Heh heh. I knew the whole album was going to be produced
by Anno Domini (The best in the business as far as production goes) so beat choice was varied. But I’m a
picky sod when it comes to beats, and it took a while but eventually I found it. An epic Anno beat which I
instinctively knew was destined to be the opening song to set the mood for the whole album.

I fine tooth combed thru my lyrics, and a week later I was happy. After that 1st track, the rest just flowed & within the year I had written, recorded, mixed & mastered the whole album.

Some say it is my best work, I don’t know. I wouldn’t like to think so as I have since recorded 5 more albums hah hah.

But it IS in my personal top 3. For those familiar with my styles, you can find my MIRROR WRITING style displayed all throughout song 12 - (The Sinner's Song) In which I convert 'The Lord’s Prayer' into rap...Not literally of course, but it was my idea to ‘rap a prayer' for lack of a better term.

Special thanks to my Fiancée Chogaia, my personal muse who never fails to inspire & ultimately surprise me every day with just how fucking amazing she is. Love ya forever babes. A LOTTA songs I have recorded are either about, for, or to her. Expect a collab album of Rukas & Chogaia 2015!

Shout out to my pal Matt Catlow for top recording skills, and being a generally good chap!

Respect 2 my mate Dekay, who features on MANY of my albums...Thanks for the review D!

Well, that’s it I guess. What you still doing here? Play the damn thing!

Rukas 29 May 2012


released May 29, 2012

All Songs mixed and Mastered by myself (Rukas)

All tracks recorded at @ Endell Street Studio by Matt Catlow

83 Endell Street Covent Garden London, WC2H 9DN



all rights reserved


Rukas Greater London, UK

My name is Rukas AKA The Grey Walker AKA The Mirror Writer AKA Apprentice To The Word AKA NUFF SAID! I'm a rapper/Lyricist with my own unique style, I Write words and make them do strange things... I get’em to jump up and strip for me… if ya hot I'll collab

"In every starving land there's a fat King
And every laughing man shares a sad grin"
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Track Name: #1 He Cometh - Rukas - Prod - ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)

Unnatural oddity mad anomaly
I babble comically from Babylon a freak
Head of a Jackal wanna eat the Forbidden apple from the tree
Travelled onwardly Battle honourably from the deep
Aint no mystical weapons that will conquer me
Merlin grappled long with me
The spells protecting Avalon are weak
An actual comedy Statues in the chapel honour me
Book shackled on to me Look! Scrabbled on my feet
Am I able to change Fate?
And break unbreakable chains made
That belong to me, can’t be tackled on a beat
Master thinker disaster bringer bastard singer
Till the last a sinner way past my dinner
Swallow ya young with a bottle of Rum
Probable drunk Prodigal son nah horrible cunt
Role model to none hobble a monk throttle a num
Gobble a gun apocalyptic one what have I’ve become?!
Madness; savage average rappers can’t match this
The fact is even the best can’t catch this! That’s sick!
Rukas the kingpin, thinking, drinking whiskey sinking
Coming home stinking Rukas the lynchpin!
I‘ve had more ideas in the last 2 seconds
Than you fuckers have had in Five years, heavens!
Silver tongue I’m coming heart thumping running London
The summoned dark dungeon guard hunting dart sharp start running

Hot days in my cot gazing at the doctors shocked face I’m
Not patient, shot Jason in the face crack rock blazing
God praise him the mob raised him
Cops chasing shadows they could not trace him
I came to visit here it’s the year
Of mister fear who disappeared from a Locked basement?
Can’t sense this motherfucking Rukas there’s no seeing Jay
Forensics coming up with nothing, suckers I left no DNA!
Couldn’t match a strand savage land Magic man flack jacket and
Hatchet man the talking backwards man harder to capture than
An image of a Catholic Gran fucked by rabid Dan the African
And El Capitan from Pakistan that’s a gangbang that’s a damn
Midget in the corner shouting “that’s it man, show us ya baggage Nan!”
Not the average Sam takeover of raps began
And has to stand rappers scram to try to catch the tram
I see more than a NASA scan high-tech gadget can
I see a traffic jam in Afghanistan that’s the sand
From the hands of time catch it man
The mans a giant and you’re a cabbage man! A massive fan from Khakistan
Sounding gay like Nelly, K-Y Jelly
Covered great white belly, watching day light telly!
A fan of loose woman judge Judy theme tune spinning
You singing mood swinging bitch whose winning!?

Rap Houdini the bad blue genie
So sharp? I could slice off that Tattoo cleanly
Ah don’t give a crap who seen me I lack scruples kidnap poodles
Sell’em to the MacDougal’s mad man that googles
Nibble crap noodles black pupils
Staring on my pad scribble mad doodles
And my shrink? She’s too scared to look at me
“I got that jacket too Slim and I wear it crookedly!”
Witness my ascension to a high dimension
Buy redemption from the angels if my life offends’em
Brain addled as well battled myself travelled this hell
Unravelled this spell came back with a fabulous girl
Chogaia! I admire her fire, buy her the world entire
“LIAR!” Shh girl, sit by the fire quiet
Till I retire or die I strive for higher
Like MacGyver quite a tryer Private guy for hire sniper fighter!
Writer penning level of skill is impossible
Sending devilish killers in hospital
With rebel gorillas across the hall
Level ya village and watch it fall
Have ya skeletons pillaged shit I got a closet full
Useless sods I refuse to watch, you’se are soft
Ya lose ya spots when the music stops the crowd boos yas off
Me? I go on for days, when it’s my song that plays?
Lingerie’s thrown on the stage, I’m from a place
Beyond the gates you don’t wanna face longer days
Only the strong are raised straight out of a comic page
Rukas, son of eight mothers my life is made up as
I go along I forsake others, I hate love its
Just an abstract concept to me
“Now which one of you fat slag’s want sex with me?”
I bug you woman at every at every club you been in,
Enough brew drinking? What the Fuck you thinking?
Wont be programmed wont stand it no FAM!
Bow to no man Smoke grams of dope and
Crack from a coke cans blow my whole jam hold hands
With old tramps romance slow jams with no pants I’m so damned
Forgetful at a show man, I got my lyrics wrote on both hands
And that’s probably why I’ve got no fans…
Annoying my peers destroying careers
Aint had this much enjoyment in years!!!
Track Name: Hard To Let her Go - ft Matt - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered Lease)
Hard To Let Her Go
(Lady Heroin)

Exotic Asian lady
This chicks so intoxicating its crazy
When she’s with other fellas I turn into a jealous guy
I tell ya’s why the girl is mine and I’m the selfish type
Yo! Sounds good I gotta get some brown sugar
Clowns cook up this chick then come the frowns look the
Girls the town’s hooker, the cause of many murder counts book her
She’ll make Buddhist worship her till they renounce Buddha
She’ll have you praying and begging for mercy
Aching in bed an shaking and sweating it hurts G
One touch and you’re hooked on her Forsook honour
Good goner don’t know what she took from ya
Heart breaker hard break up
I’d make up but being apart is far greater
I hate a traitor and that’s what you are faker
Dark day but I split with the chick Hah! mate

Shit I left her only last week, class C
Killer nasty, pass me
Her little sister coz I can’t sleep a large jeep
Crashes by my house and all the cars beep
Leave the house for Darcy’s through eyes glassy ah see
The bars free don’t barge me or charge me don’t ask me
For shit feeling arsey for a hit I go Kamikaze,
Nazi, grass me? That’d be your last deed
I’m addicted man young and I’m poor
Hunting for crack look under that crumb on the floor
No faith though pretty sure I prayed to someone before
Pawned my granddads medals the ones that he won from the war
And though I was influenced by a dangerous girl
I could’ a said no and so I gotta keep some blame for myself
Yeah! Menaces on welfare benefits
Then a bitch no healthcare then it’s just really
Hard to let her go!

Don’t fuck with lady Heroin coz she’s known to
Fuck you up who gave birth to her? Please own up
Please phone for help before I’m in a deep coma
In the belly of the beast I could be Jonah
Strong and confident man I’m now a weak loner
Keep home but keep busy maybe read Homer
Look at me doughnut; I was mad at this world
So bored I went back to the girl, have we grown up?
No, must be off of my game
Else someone just ran off with my brain
When offered the dame I said yes moth to the flame
Go through pain when there aint no profit to gain
I should turn back, when will I learn that’s
The kind ‘a chick to have you burned bad! And confirmed mad
I won’t go back man belief that I won’t
I need ya to know you should leave her alone,
But it’s hard to let her go!
Don’t know how I fell for her charms
Don’t know how I ever let the girl in my arms
She’s cold and so I sold my soul
I’m broke I’m a bloke with no control
But it’s hard to let her go
Track Name: Beneath The Winter Snow Ft Ben Is A Dark horse - Prod - ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)

Just one of those Saturday nights for them
Lets hit the town hmm that’d be nice but then
Next thing ya know oops tragedy strikes again
Some fool reacts badly and knifes a friend
Glint of the blade young mans silhouette
Been to the grave mum and sister wept
Dad he lost a son hands shiver yep!
Can you believe it? Over one damn cigarette!?
Man I’m sick of death, tryna give it the slip but heck
That’s a trick I haven’t learned to figure yet
And it seems like no one safe these days
You can’t even look anyone in the face these days
I don’t know why we gotta die
So I asked my guiding light
She answered in the night
She said…
They say that things just cannot grow
Beneath the winter snow
Or so I have been told
They say we're buried far
Just like a distant star
I simply cannot hold

Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum bum bum
Bum bum bum bum bum bum

Man I never even met that guy
Jumped in front of the blade and ended up dead that night
A guys bleeding for defending his friends shit
Life is fleeting it could end in suspense quick
I think about the kids that stabbed Steven
And how it could’ a been my sister that evening
Mum yelling “why they took my son?”
Don’t know and how come all the good die young?
Ten years to late these words waited long for you
but I wrote this belated song for you
I send you my blessing please understand
you aint forgotten Steve, Rest in peace my man!

I’m right there freezing in the road
The winter king you can’t teach the wind to blow
And when he’s gone apple seeds begin to grow
But for now willow trees are swinging low
And sycamore leaves are spinning slow
To be buried way beneath the winter snow
Buried deep like the peace within my soul
Came in like the breeze I bring ya hope
You know what? I believe I’m in control
No prob or at least I think I cope
But I didn’t achieve a thing I broke
Choked and reached my limit… Oh!
Track Name: Animated (The Master Editor) Prod ANNO DOMINI - Vherbal - (Mastered)

I’m animated, [“But how’d you do the things you do?”]
I’m not telling, [“you make us smile when things are blue”]
Walk around town twiddling your thumbs and whistling
Walk down the street and stare at nuns while you’re pissing
Have a conversation with someone and when you are talking
Stare at the sky and say “the time has come!” and start walking
Up to a random person stare at them intensely
Then pretend to die dramatically, then see
How long you can stare at someone without them knowing
Point and stare at people who pass you, go in
A lift and the next person who enters stare at them
And breathe heavily, like a fucking menace stare again
At them for 10 seconds and then shout EWWWWW!!!!
If they ask why keep say’n EWW! EWW!
Point up and say “LOOK!” when someone does?
Stare at them and say “what the fuck ya looking at ya mug!”
Ask someone to give you the time when they do?

Stare at a random person for a very long time and
After a while, scream! “I am a fucking Viking!”
Stare at someone for 10 minutes and say
In a deep, scary voice “you are the chosen one today"
…In an elevator laugh hysterically
For 5 minutes then stare at thee
Other passengers shout “you lot are sick you need fucking therapy!”
Cover ya hands in pig blood and say “officer, I may need someone to take care of me”
Cover your whole body in more of that blood and go
Outside in your underwear and follow someone you don’t fucking know
Ask a veggie if she paid for her curry
When she says “Excuse me?” look at ya watch and say “okay… but hurry”
Follow an old lady till she asks you why
Then just stare at her till she get freaked out and starts to cry
Go back in that lift stare at someone’s ear, and scream!
Close ya eyes then say aloud “its okay John… it’s just a dream”

Ring a random doorbell and… when they answer?
Just stare at them, and then begin to prance
Around their porch like a pony…STOP!
Say… “You did this to me… Oh God!”
Stare at the next person you see & slowly back away
While staring/pointing bug eyed Saturday at latter-day
In church let that trickle// become a crowd
Then point at the priest and shout “he touched me when I was little!” then run out
Walk up to a faraway random someone
And look them in the eyes and stare at them when they speak, run!
Stare at something behind someone and scream in terror run!
Stare at the sky while spinning around really fast jump
On someone simultaneously hum hand slapping ya bum
Other one making the hand signs of a gun
Stare at someone till they say "what’s your problem? You dumb?"
Then gasp… and yep... Run... its such fun!
Track Name: Someone Save Us ft Tony Green Prod ANNO DOMINI BEATS Uralblack - (Mastered)

Shot with three cupids, arrows chest pains Lobotomy ruthless,
Sex games Sodomy hubris
Sweat stains, beds change Monotony stupid
Bodily fluids exchanged Pleasure and pain
From X-rays messing with ya brains
Best mates messing with ya dames
Terrorists messing with our planes
There’s unnamed guys with bombs messing with the trains
From too much estrogen in veins
To woman that look like men wresting for change
Embezzling ya names and ID’s evidence to gain
Atheist desperate and estranged at the church “let us in the shame
It hurts” Confessing sins and names,
Did a full turn about, now they messaging the saints
They won’t rest until this death has been explained
Men in the desert and they drain oil soldiers dead everything's insane
Jesse James type presidents to blame!!!

LOW - Someone… save…. us/HIGH - someone… save…. us

Never give a shit but now we’re clearly on our own and it is true
Fuck this life… (It’s hard)… Man just call goodbye
Everything is different now and really I don’t know what I can do
But survive… (It’s hard)… And it’s all a lie

Someone save us/ before our neighbours chase us /with gunz and razors/ when the food shortage hits every country state once/ it's too late we’ll all be hungry/ feed us/ rations falling out the sky like the return of Jesus/
Won’t learn from Caesars, mistakes burning each page
Of the bible, infernal heat wave cycle
Could worship baphomet/pentagrams/ gods earths like method man/
they bring da ruckaz/ wit da judgement day epitaph/
When does the great shepherd pass? I must impress upon the stars
Uncovered message from the past
It's Sirius like the North Star/ galactic godz/
Whip em with Orion’s belt/ before the war starts
Different things to buy and sell, extort the poor fast
Pure sharks I am in hellish broadcast
The poor righteous teach in every institution
This is Magna Carta meets the constitution
The sabotage of peace brought on illusion
The Beast sat at our feast walk on… confusion!!!
Track Name: Yesterday - Rukas ft Dekay and Cryptic - Prod ANNO DOMINI Atomic beats - (Mastered)

If There’s a way…it’s our way
Goodbye Yesterday… see your now today Whoo!!

There’s… a way…it’s our way
Yes…terday… is now today Whoo!!

THERE’S A real good WAY and you can…see IT’S OUR WAY
Goodbye YESTERDAY… see your NOW TODAY Whoo!!

There’s a way…it’s our way
Yesterday… is now today

But nearly gonna blow but its real life want a deal and there’s none that I see I hate it
A Londoner that raps and they been to asleep John’d deliver the flow
Do you really wanna know what it feels like when ya feeling just underappreciated?
And none of them fat cats in the industry wanted to give it a go
You gotta, up ya penmanship show’em what ya can do
Who in the fuck!? Fuck the censorship no one can fuck with you, Who?
CRYPTIC DEKAY and, yours truly… RUKAS…
LYRIC D-DAY tours of duty Motherfuckers
I been telling’em yelling and belling’em girl and I’m shelling’em
Fella intelligent elegant fell in a well and developing blublaBu….saying to Hell with them!
But there’s times I hate to rime will I never get paid a dime but I play with time
While I pray for mine and at the minute I wait, for a sign
Most rappers bullshitters… But we don’t really wanna…
Hear that Movie fables shit ya run around
Folks that is school kiddish… Bruv we won’t fear we conquer…
We’re the new breed labels dig the underground!
Track Name: Let the Writer Go - ft Dekay - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)
RUKAS - 2 of my writing styles explained.


All verses written and performed by Rukas
Hook written by Rukas
Hook sung by Rukas and Dekay


Verse 1 & 2 are written in a style I call “multi rhyme scheme juggling”

Here is my example –
It starts off at OUT OF MY RIBS, and goes right to the end of the scheme.
Rhyme sounds are all words rhyming with EAGER TO TAKE/NEEDED A SLAVE/ etc.

…And juggling those with the other set of rhyme schemes –

I’ve CAPITALISED 1 rhyme scheme, and left the other rhyme scheme lower case, as it really does go over people’s heads,
Well, I’ve been told that anyway, as when I explain it to people they say “Oh, shit, yeah I didn’t realise”
The CAPITALISED rhyme words above are just random selections so you understand what I did here.
I wrote this in 2010, and recorded it here in verse 1 – I do it also in verse 2,


In Short, my ULTIMATE STYLE, (in the sense that I deem it my most skilful) has been dubbed as ‘MIRROR WRITING’

My mate Dekay coined it one day, so I stole it from her heh heh
Essentially, I am rhyming whole sentences, with every single syllable.
In parts, I am rhyming 2 sentences, instead of 1. I really can’t top this. Do not try and bite my style heh heh.
PS nitpickers? I know you out there lol. Before ya say something don’t rhyme or whatever, bare in mind my accent. Listen to song first. The closest I come to a slant rhyme is in my first 4 bars of verse 1 when I rhyme POWERLESS with MASOCHIST


Intro before the beat – 2 opening bars
Last 4 syllables of each bar not included, as they are an edit, written after the recording.

“The offering of a rose basket I bare the lid closed tight
The coffin was a closed casket affair the widows cried”

…Said you were eager to take
An apprentice I believed it but hey you needed a slave
You can see that I gave ya secret away creature that prayed
Either the grave asleep or awake finally with this key that I made
OUT-OF-MY-RIBS I was free of the chains
POWERLESS and weak with decay
The Gatekeeper a way OUT OF THIS, and hold the grim reaper at bay
MASOCHIST I keep it that way, HAZARDOUS
Meeting the grey ADVOCATE Speaking of great
SACRILEGE seeping with rage
Leading the way ACTIVIST how TRAGIC IT IS to be in a cage,
But MAGIC IS believing in faith
EXCALIBUR IS deep in the lake, ENRAPTURED AS I see it I take
It chasing sAVAGES even relate to LAZARUS, leaving the cave
In NAZARETH AS IT IS your being amazed
TRAPPED IN THIS beat and I make words leap from the page
ProtAGONIST I speak from the grave
The DRAGON IS free and enraged
SNAPPING HIS teeth in your face, eating the brave
HAPPINESS freedom I taste BACK FROM HIS Sleep and I crave
Deep display verbal heat wave
THAT’S STATISTICALLY great RAPPING KIDS All hail the free slave

HOOK – Rukas & Dekay

Get that guy below – “Don’t have any idea”
Let the writer go – “Don’t Lemme die here” No!

Verse 2 – Rukas

All hail the free slave …Back on this earth
A dragon emerged to SLAY MEN tackling the worst
Of FAKE MEN I’m attacking’em first they’re only babbling words
I HATE THEM! Get back in the church and PRAY WHEN
I TAKE PEN rap in a perfect WAY THEN add in a burst of RAGE WHEN
Strange word patterning works a GREAT TREND
Fact in a verse I RATE TEN
Maddening words sound bad and it hurts to SAY THEM
Birds of PREY SENT scattering first the CAGE WENT
No longer trapped and The Words my SLAVE FRIEND
Imagine the worst of CAVEMEN having the urge
Acting berserk, I’m the only one that can IMPERSONATE THEM
At AGE TEN I was a captain of Merc’s
I had in my person GREAT ZEN travelled in Persia PLAYED THEN
Rattling nerves battling the curse of MAYHEM
Motherfuckers know I’m back and the earths my PLAY PEN

HOOK – Rukas & Dekay

Get that guy below – “Don’t have any idea”
Let the writer go – “Don’t Lemme die here” No!

Verse 3 – Rukas

And it begun, I step in wars field
The weapon steady swings ya gotta duck!
I branded my tongue, sweat and Forged steel
The second petty kings are horror struck!
The amulet I hung, eleven lords kneel
The legendary Sings to God above!
A banquet for one, a seven course meal
The seven deadly sins get swallowed up!
Walk tall see me earned me the right
No counting the days before me, rhythm and flowing
For sure we see Eternity die
Go out in a blaze of glory, live in the moment ‘
Write ya name in the stars never coming down dude
Strive for fame and surpass everyone around you
Coz to be the best fool ya gotta leave the rest
Coz the be successful ya gotta flee the nest
Bring the saga write grief and pain fills the mind
In the afterlife teaching angels to rime
We make a strong cast and never see it fade or die
Create a long lasting legacy portray your life
Can’t relate to the numbers flocking “Hey Jays here”
I’m a maker of wonders modern day Shakespeare
Mirror writer deathly flows disagreeable
Spirit rider every ghost is my vehicle

HOOK – Rukas & Dekay

Get that guy below – “Don’t have any idea”
Let the writer go – “Don’t Lemme die here” No!
Track Name: I Heard Somebody Say - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)

After x 4
Mum is special the sons a vegetable
The punk left school unsuccessful yeah one less fool
Got broken inside just a young vessel
One that drunk Kestrel and robbed dough in the nights
Hot glow in his eyes, not knowing his life would soon become stressful
God told him to rise out this dump cesspool there’s more to life
Awkward types bored at nights try sleeping, till four ya eyes
Leaking “that guys weeping” next door the wife’s beaten
Laura lies bleeding ignore the cries her daughter dies grieving
Corporate type speaking lies Legion
Lord of Flies reading deep in slaughter guys leading
Tortured lives reaching, for the prize more advice seeking
The author writes water tight sort’ a nice even
Got organised talk to Christ he been knowing
That over that border lies Eden… and I’m going!

I heard somebody say not to rap
Jealous motherfuckers I know they got it bad
And most of them are fake c’mon mate drop the act
On the stage you expect to see Jay flop? Ya mad!
I heard ya track you demonstrate proper crap
Blaming everyone and even hate God for that
The one sole artist man I break off the pack
Don’t kick me when I’m down or see a stray dog attack
When I’m in a battle man I shake off the flack
I walk from a war unscathed not a scratch
Remember friends the ones that say they got ya back
Are the same ones who on that same day robbed ya flat
“Oh my god I’m so amazed what a track”
Deep like alien lakes in deep space got a stat
When we were kids and you would say “can we play soccer Dad?”
I was huddled in the cupboard shouting “hey stop it Dad!”

Scotch by the gallon public bruiser unbalanced fucking loser
No talent pissing up the boozer? Raps Alfie
An addict ex drug abuser slash Alkie
Ballad of a recovered user that shall be
None to hug’em mother used to, Dads Oudie
Fuck him, on his first day from prison who relapsed loudly?
Look it may’ve been different the crook of the day wida demon I’ve hidden
Why couldn’t I stay clean? I didn’t, good day dream living
Wake up smell the coffee what? Fellas Sloppy probably
Straight fucking jealous of me, back the hell up off me!
Man I’m just tryna get through to you who do you
Think ya playing with? I stay and give you a clue saying boo to you
Casper the friendly ghost I ghost write for myself
That’s just not any boast my souls lifeless as hell
Five forty I’m snoring wake up nice glorious morning
“Hey slut Ya fucking life story is boring!”
Track Name: Mathematics - Prod - ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)

Rukas he comes
He’s as tough as they come
Yeah his justice is done
Where the fuck is the sun?
I just swallowed it injected the moon and followed it
Black spoon what a hit the new Milosevic
You soon acknowledge it I’m bringing doom tomorrow Spitting
My consumer politics to a room full of college kids sniffing glue in offices
So assume I’m not a prick I’m a mad man living in Afghan
Kidnapping your fat Nan, And throwing that bitch in a black van
Come to me Hon I need company
Wife two meet number three Sipping a Jack Dan
I’ll shit in my hat man and wear it
Before doing a chick form the back man I swear it
Nah I’m lying aint shy I get lots but who I’m I to give a
I’ll drag her by her dreadlocks and do her by the river
Let’s make romance child, shake hands I’ll
Smash her Raybans while I slap her face and smile
Do her Caveman style… alcohol and crack habits
Neanderthal but got the math got the mathematics!

Who let this guy in the peace Corp a misfiring sleep walker
He just sits by and the streets while kids die in the East for a
War the shits flying in each border
Bored and this violin leads awkward
Hate chicks trying to seize order, I fist fight an MPs daughter
Bitch I am a sweet talker
Have your kids violently slaughtered
Kiss lightning and freeze forward
Shits Diarrhea and spits higher than trees stalker
I piss fire and breathe water I am the bee’s knees
The street stalker my enemies get taught’ a
Lesson in humility I’m messing with you lyrically
Yes I’m critically acclaimed fresh and new ability
Dum dum didi dum dum here I come come
Dum dum didi dum dum you’re a dumb cunt
Dum dum didi dum dum better run run
Get a gun but I’m scared of none none none
Got the Mathematics’!

All the shit that I’ve done I’m the Stig if the dump
What I did to your mum gave her dick to the bum
And a kick to the cunt I’m addicted to fun
With a flick of the tongue there’s none sicker than one…
Esquire Rukas, sex diet fuck this
Michael Douglas tried that and guess why but fuck this
I best buy my rubbers Text five of my lovers
And get’em to caress my privates in public
Molest the choir in cupboards
The rap games new apostle
Extract ya brains thru ya nostrils
Treat my life like a movie and watch it all
Sniff Peruvian do the impossible Rukas your not well
Boy shouldn’t you be in hospital?
You got the Mathematics’!
Track Name: Hiding Things - Ft PHOENIX Prod ANNO DOMINI- VHERBAL - (Mastered)

HOOK Lo, Lo, Lo (high strings thru hook)
“Never dare to go asleep with Evil biting horrors
and a Zombie…below
Everywhere I Go I See the People hiding knowledge
They don’t want me… To Know…”

‘The Tale Of Herman West’

Act 1 – ‘The Lair’
In the house at the end of the street lives old Mister West
Clouds of September see it’s so picturesque
White classic Rolls driven thru Vegas that’s a whole new status
Nice Casseroles given to Neighbours
By plastic clones with venom Stepford wife smiles
Massive bonus spending, separate life styles
Husbands head up corporations, while sixty dozen
Wife’s are busy discussing nothing never talk to say things
Only to spout their meaningless clichés
Sound like fucking Dictaphones these days during the breakfast heat wave
Clone number three with a silk scarf on may avoid kissing
On the milk carton a, paperboy missing
That’s the third one this month
Someone tell the housewife to the hungry paedophile, her son is lunch
…And beneath the Earth the Beast stirs
Behind closed doors secrets disturbed, sing these words…

Act 2 – ‘The Beast himself’
The slow kiss of death dangerous secrety means
Now old Mister West aint as sweet as he seems
He dreams of hurting kids a, certain sick suburban twist
In this otherwise perfect picture, Bourbon mixer
Slash German Mister, Curtain twitcher yeah
Changed his name to ‘West’ so to, more fit in there
‘Chose this life half his earning finished’ ‘goes to night classes learning English’
‘Yo the guy’s heart is squirming in his’
Chest ‘won’t survive past his’ next birthday yes
[Thick lenses] ‘Oversized glasses Herman in his’, [suspense this]
Society births the beast don’t leave him by its own a
A crazed animal, beaten by its owner, Yeah!
And ‘little Erica’ named that Beast
‘Middle America’, a ‘Pit-bull Terrier’ straining at the leash!
And ‘doesn’t it tell ya’ right from wrong and there’s
A girl in number 2 who’s scared of ‘what’s in the cellar’, who writes this song and says…

“Never dare to go asleep with Evil biting horrors
and a Zombie…below
Everywhere I Go I See the People Hiding knowledge
They don’t want Me… To Know…”
Track Name: The Light - Rukas Ft Mike Gino And Ben Is A Dark Horse Prod Anno Domini - (Mastered)
The Light!

There he hides every night ever since the night
They buried his wife terry cries barely alive
A scary sight when Mary was alive rarely was there strife
And Terry’s life was invariably nice went to therapy twice
And there he realised staring at knifes
In the kitchen every night aint terribly wise memories like
He got Mary to drive, Mary dies; terry cries
“You weren’t there for me Christ!” Life aint fare but we strive
Thru each error we rise, wasn’t there a surprise?
February ya daughter Kerry arrived
You cherished her right? But now She’s very deprived
But yeah she survives Carefully hides
The strife inside the smile touches her lips but rarely her eyes
Terry buys two tickets the ferry at five
The new areas nice problems rarely arise
A prisoner too long time to bury ya stripes
Join us come…

He died after that heart attack Barbara cracked
His son Arthur wants his father back, and it’s rather sad
A whole night mike has fought on life support
Wife Barbara’s quite distraught looks like its war!
Fighting to stay alive but every day in his life
Mike was taking pipes playing at dice trading in lies
Vacant eyes, but when you skate on thin ice
You paying the price, better say your goodbyes
And start praying to Christ even in the nights
This machine the only thing that’s keeping him alive
The lights leaving his eyes
He’s not breathing his heart stops beating and dies
And mike sees this white light quite bright, Bye Bye
Mikes life? See it fly by Mike thinking, “Did I die?”
Finds himself in this tunnel with every dead relative in
Heaven and they beckon him they wanna get him in…

Bite the head off oppression and spit it in the face of a struggle
The hunger for more is what fuels the hustle to survive
Never the less he's enduring the stress hopes for the best
If it wasnt for faith probably wouldn't be alive
Gotta get it in gear take it in stride
Fuck pride and realize
Oppose the majority you'll be criticized and victimized untill demise
Poeticized it's a tragic end
Finished shortly after it begins
Now where do we go wishing for a hero
Supressing all things thats stressing tolerance zero
Believe me though the world we live in
Killed off it's only savior and still asking God for favors like he forgave us
Sounds hipocritical but it's typical
Of the average individual, the shit's pitiful
We need saving in life we still slaving
Good vs Bad there is no safe haven
So where we go

Into the light
Wont you come into the light?
In the light
Everything will be all right
Come into the light
Track Name: The Sinner's Song - Rukas - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)
The Sinners Song = after 8 bars then 8 bar hook

Oh! Je-sus, [I’m] sorry for my sins Oh! Je-sus, [I’m] sorry for my sins
Oh! Je-sus, [I’m] sorry for my sins Oh! Je-sus, Please don’t let me fall
[Don’t let me fall]

Origin begins as friend on the path//Sorry for my sins that’s meant from the heart
Know within your soul’s core Hell was not built for us//Oh! I think of those poor fellas God filled with love
That was turned to hate tragic earned their fate//Catholics burned away Baptists learned to rape
Sick satanic prayers mad Dogs gave’em the words//Schizophrenic brairs that lost faith in the church
And where does that leave us? way beyond the dire//I’m scared is that Jesus? save me from the fire
All the drugs, the drink, but hey I did this//For the rush, I sink, the way to sickness
Fall to lust, I sin, and may ya witness//Call the love, within, I pray forgiveness
I’m sorry Lord, it’s you I call
Please don’t let me fall [Don’t let me fall]

These are some deep important words I’ll savour//Jesus come be my lord and personal saviour
Strange things enhanced I've seen things from beyond//Saints singing psalms serene singers of songs
You made me a pact and Lord I did six hundred poems//And lately they have in more religious undertones
No more filthy drugs No clubbing acting tough// No more silly stuff grown up and had enough
I’ve sniffed enough Coke and plus what I wanted to use//I’ve given up smoking just gotta conquer the booze
Me a mainlander Schooner Ship delayed in the storm//Be a changed man as soon as little Hayden is born
That’s a promise to my bird Cristina love you babe!//I’m as honest as my word just seen a dove today!
I’m sorry Lord, it’s you I call
Please don’t let me fall [Don’t let me fall]

As a people we have us free will, we kill//With acts of evil that’s illegal, be still
I’m praising this amazing gift you gave a kid//But basically I feel like I wasted it
Well no more, and if faced with the pain?//Yell Oh! Lord, and give praise to the name!
Cristina’s an atheist thinks the concept of God is//For dreamers and maybe this brings the onset of prophets
That speak in their forked tongues so’s the shepherd loses the flock
Believe when the Lord comes souls are severed useless to God
Can I pray for the souls of loved ones that don’t believe?
Can ya take up my folks the tough ones that won’t agree?
Fore I lay down my pen and pray for a friend//
Remember Lord I repent… for them…the end!
I’m sorry Lord, it’s you I call
Please don’t let me fall [Don’t let me fall]

Lord Jesus, I know that I have sinned against you, and that my sins separate me from you. I am truly sorry, I repent of my sins.
I now want to turn away from my sinful past, and turn to you for forgiveness. Please forgive me of my sins, and help me avoid sinning again.
I believe that you died on a cross for my sins and that you were raised from the dead by God the father on the third day,
And are alive and hear my prayer. I believe your blood shed on the cross blots out my sins. I invite you Jesus to become my Savior
And the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey
You and to convict me when I sin. I pledge to grow in grace and knowledge of you. My greatest purpose in life is to follow
your example and do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
Track Name: Too Hot - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)
It’s Too Hot

Uncivil Mr chivalrous no need to fiddle kids
I drill a bitch riddle chicks with syphilis it’ll itch
What’s under that kilt of his Godzilla dick she’ll have fits
Little rich chicks wiggle hips, lips dribble bitches
Are thrilled to bits till I piss on their civil libs
Slice ya vanilla tits into little bits, I could chill a fridge
My sickle splits ya clitoris fill a rich silver dish
With the blood of the privileged I build a bridge to wilderness
A pilgrimage an Alchemist? Nah I’m an Ilchemist
Turning milk to piss… Much of a killer as Attila is
Pillages villages ill at this religious Illegitimate
Syllabus triple six, skilled at this gorilla shit
Fill a ditch with dead lyricists ya spit well it’s ridiculous
Frivolous fiddlesticks pillocks ya lyrics are drivilish,
Me? I still exist will persist till the ships
Eclipse the pyramids with slickest syllables I kill a bitch!

Muscle packed like Goliath, hustle crack rifle by us
Fat muzzle at rival snipers, puzzle that I delight yas
How unsubtle that side of life is
Beating pussy bubble wrapped title fighters buckled fat eyeball I switch
The cards knuckle bag quite the livest
Bizarre, In a pub I’ll act idle Irish
Aah shovel crap my saliva’
Sees you struggle bad muddled wack rappers huddled in a puddle Aah! Try to like us
I got juggle track idolitus
And ya muffled slag inside of a fucking duffle bag die all biters!
I wanna tussle mad I kill my Dis-ciples in a scuffle stab vinyl pirates
Now who the fuck wanna cuddle Rap Michael Myers?
Fuck all that shite I’ll bite his eyelids double back fry his iris
Let my stubbled black Bible guide yas, Oi Fuckers!
Oh Oh troubles back like a virus, yeah that boy RUKAS!!!
Hotter than hellfire I melt wire
Helped by my girl Chogaia like to yell liar
Track Name: Look What We Done - Ft Ben Is A Dark Horse - Prod Anno Domini - (Mastered Lease)
Look what we done
Rap after x6 bars
Raps mad scholar thinks match that knowledge king
Scratch that not a prince but a god that sings
And attracts mad followings cash back offerings
I snatch fat sovereigns off of kings
In Baghdad stop I glimpse lot of things
Fat cats swallow drinks Congress
Catch mad bollakings non-stressed
That’s sad tomorrow brings bomb threats
Black gas solid drinks Concepts
Of Abstract origins Complex
In nature demonstrate I bless and take ya essence later
Weapons grader the maker heaven-shaker turn ya to less than vapour
Replace the F in flavour with the S in saviour
Dump the L savour that lesson later,
A blessing on paper for peasants to pray to
Yes I’m ya maker the presence that made ya
Destined to save ya from messing ya fate up
AHH!!! Brain exploding pain is my slogan
Migraine is just smoking
Visions of Pandora’s Box were in danger its open
The unnameable name is spoken
I’m Abel but unable to see what Kane is holding!

When people on the earth sing you hymns
That’s when you know you’ve gone way beyond the words influence
You’re becoming a force what’s the first thing you glimpse?
As you’re one with the source and you merge into things
Stay complex grow stronger a slave to concepts no longer
Though you’ve great conquests to hold on ta, you don’t wanna
Enlightened being my enemy I’m dying to meet him
No friend to me lying and cheating
I show empathy trying to be him
But he won’t remember me buying him freedom
Though mentally I am in Eden Earths a wasteland
A whole century dying and bleeding curse the spaceman
The worst days and not many tears
Though their words may span for twenty years
The verse they sang came back on empty ears
Adam quickly ya son has fell no pity among us hell!
We’ve literally hung ourselves! AHH!!!


Look what we done look what we done
Look what we done to the world
What we done what we done
Done to the world

Exploding hotspots floating in the cosmos
I’ve spoken with lost gods the broken clock stops
And time runs backwards, the sun shatters the nun’s habits
They become savage what they done? Sacrilege!
I’ve ways to visit fear I go and climb
Sideways and disappear through a hole in time
Things die down evil plays with me the Earth cries
Inside out people gaze at me with third eyes
But this one Arab girl knew my verse
Could rap it well ooh my words
That’d spell doom for hers
Grab a bell I had to tell it to you first
Parallel universe that I fell into was worse
A catholic hell June the first
Vicious nun serves me pitchers of Rum scurvy
Blisters my tongue thirsty witless the sun hurts me
Bitches have done cursed me “This is the one Shirley!”
Christmas has come early! Sisters of Unmercy AHH!!!
Track Name: One Day Prod - Anno Domini 2Deep - (Mastered)
One Day

Time capsule buried in the landscape
And they, Open it then
Saw a Man made rope and a bent
My hand shaped like its holding a pen
Uranium in his faeces subterranean species
The cranium in pieces
With the brain exposed flapping oddly
Came this close but now remains a ghost trapped in body
That can not be possible science detects
Brain activity it’s historical, no signs of death
The findings get horrible science rejects illogical
But can’t silence the left they’re philosophical
Aint no giants left they’re mythological
But look at the hair follicles and rare molecules
Yeah well good luck with this his skeletal structure this
Developable muscalage is just incredible
And where he must’ve lived forever formidable
Just what is this medical miracle?
He battled lions, baffled science, and we can’t even bare to have alliance
How the hell we gonna tackle giants?

Fear me one day I’ll blow
And they’ll, hear me one day they’ll know

Wondering who he is? Where did he live?
Who was he living with? Did he have kids? Well shit
Now ya mention it I had a house in Greenwich with
A malcontented bitch on housing benefit
Council tenant with a mouth of venom kid downing Tenants
I’m out offending bitches with a thousand menaces
And as for having kids I doubt it entered this
Brain remain on the couch renting flick became
Stingy wont even share my breathing space
Why the fuck would I have kids and share my DNA?
Well, unless I was being paid for being laid
CNA can tape ya sleeping with eight Korean babes later
Then I’ll be today’s paper bloke has sex
His European pacemaker explodes in his chest!
With lines like these it’s no wonder
Science is quite excited to seize on any number
Of possibilities to explain my existence
But they’ve lost their abilities and aint come the distance
I wanna tell’em badly I welcome that treat me But hell I’m happy
Enigma wrapped in a mystery one day they’ll unwrap me!
Track Name: Guess Who's Back - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered)
Guess whose back? - After x3

It’s well known that I’ve felt low!
As low as a well Yo and as you well know I need of help Bro
Have a 12 stone girl boned Cell phone Hell home and yell Ho!
You couldn’t sell coke to midget Elf folk for twelve notes
so slow you couldn’t even fucking spell ‘O’
my lyrics are well wrote and all about myself hold
it, I’m in stealth mode, yellow Velcro
elbow smash through ya Cello, so tell Othello hello
And they’ll know hell broke loose as if it was old news
when I have low moods I swallow booze roll Zoots hold brews
and use Coke smooth perpetrator of Code Blues
You’re a perpetrator of slow moves grow roots
you’ve no views and no groove, no groups
would ever have you don’t know you no clue so move
I told you’se I wont lose I wrote music to dope loops
I broke through soul grooves I know Blues I wont snooze like most dudes
I’ll have a bloke bruised snow shoes trample whole crews control troops
my flow spooks a ghost cruise the whole globe boos
take off those suits and go screw ya sister they’ll be no truce
Behold whose the whole truth I take a piss in old boots
crap in Gold Loos no Backy I had to smoke you’se!
Poke tubes in the Pope who’s
Happy as a Nazi on a planet of no Jews!!!

I Eat up Olympic runners that flew past
Coz I like my food fast I chew glass
Spit out new bars move past Celebrity doo-das
I couldn’t give two farts for you stars
Who’s better? Who, Nas? Man I tear him a new arse
Fuck the yanks learn to salute ours
Like Cupid I shoot hearts
Romance movie don’t be stupid move past to the rude parts
Hold hands truly I can’t, my sausage fingers are too large
I’m so damn moody a smooth class
A criminal stealing two cars that’s a minimal
Reeling blue sharks crash ya swimming pool as ya woman drool
Well I’m surprised that you’d ask No need to be subliminal
I’ll give ya fucking crew scars in the interval
Snatch a few stars from generals who’s grasping my genitals?
I dunno, I’m too blasted on chemicals!

Yeah…Like a broke gay stripper
O.J sipper coz the Ho hates liquor
Wont they swig’a whiskey? Oh they shiver
Go grey quicker you’re an old age quitter
No weight lifter you’re a low wage liver
A no plays trigger Billy no mate’s kidder
Go taste dick ya Swing both ways prick ya
Get fucked so hard your arseholes made bigger
And as for me? I’m a Coke Bass sniffer
I don’t hate Jigga and wont say n*igga
Yo jays slicker so at shows they sit up
Coast to coast great spitter leave the whole stage lit up
I go raise Hitler from a cold grave kid I
Have ya boat race ripped up I’m a soul crazed ripper
And if I gotta walk the road the fucking roads paved thicker!
I rowed slave ships and fucking wrote brave scripture!
Track Name: Heroes And Legends - Ft MIKE GINO - Prod ANNO DOMINI - (Mastered Lease)
Heroes and legends

Crucifix and cross none, Lost son got stunned
In the hot sun they call him God’s gun
This is whole slaughter, believe in god but
Standing in the desert no water, and he aint even bothered
What the fuck is that bloke doing? Tobacco chewing
Mad old dude and though he’s standing still I see his shadow moving
Ancient gunslinger the one sinner every once in a
While he comes and the sky becomes dimmer, the sun singer
His bounty’s holed up, found a place to stay
But he wont budge he can wait for days, an age
This ones patient even the monks praise him
Lost sons raising hell twin guns blazing
Help no one left alive a terrible force ya know when death rides
He rides a skeletal horse with glowing red eyes
Came to finish what he started the Saint of Sinners is departed
Name diminished discarded and disregarded!

Heroes and legends
Where are they now?
We won’t forget them
They’re our way out

My words I keep’em tighter, Speak’em like freedom fighter
Garden of Eden viper thieving liar, breathing fire
Weep and cry I turn on you just like a beaten tiger teeth inside ya
Deep in hibernation sleeping life away lead’em like the
Bleeding piper leave’em quite afraid we the writers
We invite ya take even higher
My mind’ll fly away Believing in Gaia but too tired to pray
Me I’m hyper It is I the great, Rukas my empire may…
Last while the others die away I achieved in life a,
Miracle me annihilate the pinnacle of the great writer made spiritual
Keep on fighting’em in ways critical seek enlightenment
In days biblical, I keep on writing’em
What’s it mean? Lots of dramas atrocities
Cross between Nostradamus and Socrates I’m just Gods machine
First shows ready third flow steady
From the southern lands I come with words most deadly, don’t forget me
Track Name: Hard To Fly - Rukas ft RENO - Prod ANNO DOMINI 2DEEP - (Mastered)

“I’m like a bird with broken wings and one that needs to fly
…I’m tired of earthly things I wanna reach the sky
It shouldn’t be so hard to, it shouldn’t be so hard to,
It shouldn’t be so hard to fly”

Shit I been struggling half my life, will I never get a name in the business
From my heart I write but its fucking hard to fly? Where the fame? Where is this?
Ah recite the saga like Archetype I came in to blitz this
A couple of weeks ago when my father died and I dealt with that pain at Christmas
Oh and to further the lesson I been off work for depression I’m on the sick bruv…
I gotta fix up pick up myself off of the floor but this shit sucks
I’m feeling sad behold me at the back I wont leave
From my flat I don’t need crap a lonely chap I catch phenomena
And the Agoraphobia and I’m freezing out and I don’t wanna leave the house
Threes a crowd, Really? Well I show what being alone with me’s about…
Long fat pause and frustration whole night gone bad and course Johns engaged in
No eye contact and Forced conversation
Touting shitty jokes bending ya mind constantly spouting Biggie flows
And pretending their mine irresponsibly shouting my witty quotes
End of the line fifty notes tickets sold out concerts
Whole city goes bonkers nonsense G-G-G give me those!

How good have I gotta be to be the leader eager speaker sweet achiever
Thee elite I eat the beat up beat defeat ya
Sweep the street up? Nah bask in the top, spot so aint asking a lot
I’m just a meagre eater; you’re just a meter reader
Queen a Sheba Señorita STOP… new scheme is needed
I scream the secret dream receded a fucking genius beat it!
The lethalest flow too aggressive, the people are told you respect this!
Roll thru the guest list killing these rappers and making damn sure that they know who the best is
Shit I been constantly tryna take off from the ground ever since I was living in Scotland the town
I was born in and found my popular sound These wonderful lyrics I’m jotting’em down
But then often I’ve found that after knocking’em out they plotting my down
Fall and they want me robbed of my crown but they know that I’m not gonna bow
You shitty fucking grime artists are like a dime a dozen
Lyrical dwarfs shits over typical forced, and drivel of course
Too busy loving my sagas to write a ryime or something
Pitiful sorts with no original thoughts, and little applause